Review Raid Dingue – a comedy and sense film

Super Raid (Raid Dingue) is a French action comedy film. Maybe you do not know, Super Girl has been in theaters in France since December 2016 but so far it was released in Vietnam.

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The movie revolves around Johanna Pasquali, also known as Jo, the daughter of the minister and a police lady who is eager to join the RAID Task Force. However, with all her beauties, all her efforts have become “destructive.” This bad performance left her 3 times repeatedly rejected by RAID. In order for her daughter to give up the idea, Jo’s father helped her join the talent trainer for the RAID Task Force and asked her to give her hard training or boring jobs. Jo also meets Eugene Froissard, an elite officer who is always hostile to women. He was in charge of this training and expressed his displeasure with Jo at first sight. From here, Jo must do everything to prove himself.

Johanna is the daughter of the Minister, but instead of being a decent and feminine lady, Johanna possesses the skill of boxing trained by a former RAID cop who can easily beat her opponent. Jo is really “man” with the wrong muscles, even to her nickname is also like Joe, a son name. However, the heartbeat of the mind is the cause of Jo. She rarely noticed before and often said quite a lot, can be said that she is the type of “unqualified”. Unhappiness of Jo is the joy of the audience. Her unintentional actions have brought laughter into the audience, especially those that the audience can not anticipate, which increases the effect of surprise and laugh.

Unlike Jo, Eugene is a man who has experienced a failed marriage, which has since become dormant and biased towards women. He is the only one who makes Jo difficult. Eugene also has a nickname for the dumbbell. The dumbbell starred so he always found bad luck at times necessary. At first glance, Eugene is an uncomfortable, unrelated person, completely different from Johanna, but they both have the same thing in common with the rich expressions. His arguments for women do not make the audience (especially the female audience) uncomfortable, but on the contrary, contributing to the laugh.

The film also carries a very valuable message. Jo is not important because she is female, obviously there is a matter of male contempt here. Everybody thinks that a woman like Jo can not do anything, even her relatives. However, Jo never resigned. She is always doing her best, always persevering with her own ideal and putting aside her disgusted words. Success will come to the persistent, Jo became the first female police RAID in history. She represents women who bravely stand up to the struggle for equality for women, especially as France is one of the hometowns of the women’s liberation movement. In addition, there is a scene that takes place on Gay Pride Day, when others are showing their disdain. In contrast, Jo expresses homosexuality. Another meaningful message is embedded in the film in a clever way.

The deduction of the Super Wonder is probably the second half of the film. At this point the scene is more about the drama, plus the circumstances are not pushed to the climax to maintain the film and make the audience feel bored and no longer excited as before. Although still bring laughter to the audience but not as effective as the first half.

Overall, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a good comedy, especially when you need some silence between brainstorming movies or action sequences. The movie was officially opened in Vietnam on July 14/2017

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