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Old age having a go at youth, with lots of blooda

My favourite 2017 midnight madness film.

Colourful characters, crazy plot, stylized violence.

Typical late night slasher flare. Nicholas cage is back to the wild crazed character type he played so well in “Raising Arizona”.

I think actors like taking a break from heavy acting to do an occasionally zany role like this in the presence of a raucous midnight screening audience.

Thanks for coming Nick and Selma.

It was a lot of fun.

Bold, Zany and Irreverent

Imagine if the instinct to nurture suddenly became the impulse to kill?! Parents, through some sort of virus or plague, ruthlessly hunt their offspring. Authorities attempt to stop the carnage, yet they are clueless, ineffective and overpowered. Kids are left to their own wits, resources and improvised weapons from their homes, to fend of the attacks. Love becomes hate and blood lines become blood pools as kids and parents battle to the death. Thanksgiving day dinners and family nights will be awkward from now on.

This bold, zany and irreverent film is crafted in the enjoyable mold of the duo of Crank films, also directed by Taylor. Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair are well cast in the roles as manic and world-weary parents. The film is delightfully different from the dull and insipid standard fare. The film would benefit from greater all- around depth, improved dialogue and better developed scenes and characters. For such a simple and short film, the story arc is a bit confusing and disjointed. World Premiere seen with Cage himself as well as the rowdy and raunchy midnight madness crowd at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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