Review La La Land – Do not turn around when hard times

La La Land is a heartfelt and ambitious film by American director and writer Damien Chazelle. From the beginning, the name La La Land has sent many meaningful messages about a wonderful world and dreams. In Los Angeles, two young talents, talented young Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) are seeking and pursuing their passion for art. As a music film, La La Land as a jazz version of many ups and downs for love and youth dreams.

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La La Land – Romantic love story

Los Angeles is a vibrant city, where Sebastian piano musician aspires to find the god of classical jazz has been transformed pretty much where the beautiful girl Mia nourished dream to become an actor. Between the hustle and bustle of life, they find each other, find the passion of art in each other, love each other and share the aspirations for the future.

By its very nature, La La Land truly excelled at using music to portray the diverse emotions of love. Whether it’s the vibrant R & B melodies, the sweet Pop or the melancholy of jazz, the sounds in La La Land have blew the soul for every scene and dialogue. Impressive and beautiful movie scenes to vibrate the heart. Long street corner, high hill, jazz bar … smoothly combined with light, color and background music, all create a sweet love song full of love story between two young talents. Sebastian and Mia. Whether the audience is in love or not, the perfect scene on the screen can make them immersed in the lovers of love.

As an accidental arrangement of fate, La La Land brings to viewers the flow of emotions about the poetic love of the couple.

However, after the love story as a fairy tale, a more drastic reality was La La Land portrayed authentic.

La La Land – Do not turn around when hard times

Los Angeles night, the sky was glittering, the city was brightly colored, there were two frustrated, desolate and lonely people on their own dream. Sebastian had difficulty pursuing a career, his passion for classical jazz did not help him gain a place in the profession, no social status, no money. And most of all, Sebastian can not feed himself and love with pure music. Mia felt more depressed after many failures, she was depressed and wanted to give up her dream.

See La La Land, we easily see a lot of life and youth aspirations of our own. In the middle of the busy life, bon chen, who keep their beliefs about the ideal we are pursuing. When the difficulty is piled up, how many of us continue to persevere with the dream. Sebastian and Mia vividly portray young people in society, full of enthusiasm, talent and courage but still lacking the opportunity to shine. When you have tried unceasingly, only a moment of frustration, turn around, all opportunities will go through, the effort will soon dissolve in the wind.

La La Land conveyed the message clearly, let’s just be passionate, keep on living the whole life, sometimes a little crazy, it will make your life more exciting than ever. And most importantly, do not give up on your dreams!

La La Land – Love and career, can only choose one, can not have both

With youth, love and career can not have at the same time, if only love, basically can not feed love. For example, when Sebastian and Mia decided to go further in their careers, they also had to accept that the distance between them was too far.

Dreams are always beautiful, but the reality is very fierce. Many viewers believe that the end of La La Land is too real, to break the beautiful dream from the first picture to bring. However, that is life. As young people, we have the right to dream, have the right to pursue a career or love. But definitely, we can not have both at the same time.

La La Land is a movie made for Oscar. Not surprisingly, La La Land hit a record 14 nominations at the Oscars 2017 and won six awards, including Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress, Motion Picture Producer Excellent song in the movie, Excellent production design. However, La La Land won the Best Film award at Moonlight.

Since it’s Oscar, La La Land is relatively picky. Viewers who are familiar with the Hollywood action genre may be disappointed to see La La Land. Not a simple movie with many adventures and dramas, La La Land offers viewers a true picture of life, love and youth. Sometimes, in the midst of hustle and bustle, should we spend some time watching films like La La Land to get a glimpse of ourselves?

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