Review Jumanji: The Motion Picture – Action Can not Go Away

Launched in the heart of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Jumanji is fortunate to own a magical weapon to avoid being bombarded by super-bombs – humor.

Four young boys pupils for various reasons that have to go to the “tea room” discipline. Two bookworms, a hot girl and a school football team pick up penalties to clean the shed. Of course, these rebellious kids can not work quietly. They rummage through the furniture and accidentally find the Jumanji box. They are swept away in the monumental and dangerous, only half a second half as dead as playing. Each of the three lives, the children survive in the body of the character they choose and take the task of rescuing Jumanji land from the hands of Professor Van Pelt.

Including details to honor star Robin Williams and Jumanji (1995) but Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle is built in a completely different direction. The new film excellently excels in the old part but still builds its own identity – more attractive, more majestic.

Fast film. As the transition is continuous, the film circuit is still very smooth. Over the course of 119 minutes there is almost no overwhelming detail, the viewer goes from one thrilling situation to another. Nearly two hours at the cinema is still not enough and the audience wants to watch more.

Whether you are a gamer who likes to “plug in” on your computer or just a few people who have a game app on your phone, everyone will be very excited about the Jumanji world. The logic of role-playing games is applied smoothly. From the game screen, every dead, how to solve the task or each NPC appear to create endless laughs.

A 20-year-old director, Jake Kasdan has successfully completed the role of Jumanji.

Creative films from main content to detailed dialogue. The catchy chapters full of humor, the situation is unexpectedly true game. How to open the issue attractive and satisfy the viewer. Whether it is friendship, teamwork or love, everything is solved wonderfully in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. In particular, two pairs of “cotton chicken” very cute with kissing scenes “romantic”. As a comedy action movie but not merely a fist or laugh, Jumanji also contains a deep sense of humor.

With a budget of only $ 65 million, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle does not have many spectacular fire scenes, such as the massive blockbuster action blockbuster action. However, this good movie still scored thanks to beautiful action. Both ex-wrestler The Rock and beauty Karen Gillan have a “breeze” that deserves credit for the mountains. In particular, viewers will surely admire both fear and fear of wildlife hippopotamus, snakes, crocodiles … appear perfect thanks to meticulous techniques. Pictures are bright, beautiful, fun atmosphere created film.

In particular, Jumanji does what few films can do – the sound in the movie is also laughable.

Of course, handsome cast also contributed to the success of the film.

After Central Intelligence, the Dwayne Johnson / The Rock duo and Kevin Hart retained the same flair. As well as the motif pair of enthusiastic people – who dispel Spencer muscle but full of fragile heart, Fridge, who is tall with a passion for 60 cm loss of a novelty. The rhythmic juggling of the duo keeps the audience laughing.

After a long time appearing on the big screen, Jack Black had a great shot at taking on the tough role – portraying the soul of a girl who accidentally stumbled into the fat man’s body. Professor Shelly is lovely from shy eyes, feminine hand movements without feeling too much. Jack Black is as great as he was nominated for Golden Globe for his role in The School Of Rock. Bethany is probably the most popular character in the film.

Although Karen Gillan has no land between the cast of full-body male veteran but offset her beautiful face with her eye-catching ankle that makes viewers can not ignore. Beautiful body of each centimeter is displayed in the perfect dress “fine women”. Unfortunately, the beauty of this Marvel is drowned out by Nebula half-man half-machine and shaved head of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Taking on a small voice but Nick Jonas still enough to impress audiences thanks to young handsome face despite the time and interesting personality. Alex is scared of both funny and humorous jokes have certain moments of deposition.

According to the game, the villain Van Pelt played by Bobby Cannavale is quite fuzzy and does not cause many obstacles for the main cast. The plus point is that the ear to the ears will make many people obsess over a long time.

The young cast of Alex Wolff – Spencer, Ser’Darius Blain – Fridge, Morgan Turner – Martha and Madison Iseman – Bethany are all rounded and give a certain spotlight even though the land is not much.

The Jumanji Lead: Welcome To The Jungle can throw a giant at Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the global box office charts. However, with high quality, the movie still has the ability to make a good profit. Maybe, in the future we will have a new jumanji more humorous?

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