Review Haunted Hotel – Not enough to convince horror filmmakers

I’ve heard someone say that horror movies do not need so much content just to be able to die in theaters, making them feel like ghosts coming out of the movie and coming home. It also made the success of the film then. I’m really a pretty pesky person, as Insidious is enough to scare me, but it looks like Haunted Hotel is not enough to scare me. The film does not have new content, attractive audience but also no horror part of the horror film genre.

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The Haunted Hotel is a two-part film and is based on the culture of each country in which it premieres. In Vietnam, Haunted Hotel is screened with a version not too focused on the spirit, so this may be one of the reasons why the film did not achieve the expected success. The Haunted Hotel scene was filmed at one of Asia’s most lush hotels, Amber Court in Maylaysia, and also features a beautiful actress from Thailand, Aom Sushar and the actor. promising from China Ly Xuyen. Thoughts of the movie with such foreign elements will give the audience a great symphony, blending the gloom and horror of many different cultures. In contrast, the film is a disappointment of the horror film genre in the last months of 2017. The scare to the audience in the movie is not less but it just stopped to make them startled, not enough to make them fear. Not only that, visual effects and sound have not been handled cleverly but repeated too many times so the audience feel bored when watching movies is understandable.

Along with the appearance of so many public figures, the audience questioned what their existence meant, for example, a ghost girl or ghost girl with a wet look, a character nurses … What is the purpose of the filmmaker when putting those characters into the film and what role they play in the film is still an unanswered question even when the film ends. Next is the ghost character of the protagonist is a bit unstable, with white dress and long black hair does not seem scary enough to create fear for the audience. As mentioned above, I was a bit shy with the horror genre, but this time I was able to look directly at the ghost face without any fear for the moviegoers they would feel. How disappointed? Perhaps the intention of the director is to retain the classic image of a ghost, but to succeed and create a distinction compared to movies of the same genre, the ghost must still have a uniqueness of the original. The body can not easily be confused with other ghosts.

Although she is the main character of the movie, but Bach is not prominent, if not camera is always directed to her, then she is no different from the stealth in this movie. Undeniably, Aom has had such excellent performances as Yes or No, Happy House, Kiss Me, and Thai Fall, and these roles have brought Aom Sushar’s name out of the box. Thai boundary and gradually became her Asian star, but Bach Lam in Haunted Hotel is a faint character in Aom’s acting career. The Xiaojun main character is also no better than Bai Ling, as Xiaojun’s psychological trajectory in the movie is not fully portrayed and portrayed in the character.

Haunted Hotel is certainly not an excellent movie of the month and is well-regarded by audiences, but it’s not that bad a horror movie. Everything seems to stop at a medium level and hovering in the middle. And in order to get through censorship and release in Vietnam, maybe Haunted Hotel has been cut so the episode in the movie has too many pointless and vague, the end of the film really can not Persuade the viewer. Therefore, when deciding whether Haunted Hotel you think very well.

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