Review The Greatest Showman: Hugh Jackman Shines in the Circus

In November 2017, Hollywood presented to the global audience a beautiful dream called La La Land. However, they must wake up with the last-minute cruel reality. Later this year, The Greatest Showman redeemed with a completely fulfilled dream.

Based on the true story of Phineas Taylor Barnum – Founder of the Barnum & Bailey circus, well known for his talent as well as scandalous scandals, the new film The Greatest Showman is a romantic, humorous and dramatic journey. The character of the man from the white to the top, becoming the transmission character.

As a tailor’s son, orphaned from childhood, T. Branum soon experienced extreme difficulties living on the bottom of society. Although married to her beloved daughter, living a “hut four yellow heart” is happy in the heart of the ambitious Barnum, the fire thirst to rise still smoldering. After the company is working bankrupt, he ventures bank robbery by mortgaging the “ghost” property to buy a museum full of exotic items, realizing the dream from childhood. However, the museum with dead creatures does not attract anyone. Barnum decided to invite strange people to come and set up a unique circus.

The Greatest Showman producer’s first win was to invite “former Wolverine” to the lead. The talent was honored by the Golden Globe and nominated Oscar to the prestigious Tony Awards on the Broadway stage, in addition, Hugh Jackman is also the man the world loves. Who better for the role of singing about a controversial person?

And he had a great performance. Although this is not the best role but Hugh Jackman has built successful image “boss” entertainment is both lovely and hateful.

In the beginning of the film, the Barnum boy appears in a shy, gentle manner with pure simplicity. However, gradually, the viewer recognizes that the time spent with him has taught him many tricks. Barnum became a sophisticated man tricked, high ambition.

The Greatest Showman does not follow the path of “bleaching” P.T.Barnum. He was both pitiful and obnoxious. Perhaps the audience who saw Sing last year will find similarities between Buster Moon and Barnum. Like the words “I do not care, I do not care, so call me crazy, we are all talented but dreaming and desiring cause both Despite everything to achieve success, it ultimately costs dearly.

For the 8x-9x generation, Michelle Williams is just as familiar. Dawson’s Creek is a popular TV series of the late 1990s. From the role of female star Jen Lindley, Michelle has risen to become Hollywood’s four A-list star, and a string of ” “The Charity Barnum’s wife is responsible for the backstage for her husband so easily with actors who have played many intricate roles. Vocal and performance skills did not make it difficult for Michelle as she performed quite successfully when “Love Goes Wrong”, Nothing Goes Right (My Week With Marilyn).

It is full of romance and windy because of rice money but this love story does not encounter the tragic end as Cindy played her in the film Blue Valentine. Compared to Cindy’s negative weakness, Charity is softer and more consistent.

When P.T. Barnum can make people love people hate, the male side Phillip Carlyle is a lovely guy too. The young man is the rich man but willing to give up everything to follow the call for love, enthusiasm and freedom will certainly dominate the viewer. Acting together with Hugh Jackman but Zac Efron still express the identity, not too much in front of the big star came from Broadway. Blue eyes wipe the masses of spectators as the ultimate weapon to help Zac Efron cover a modest 1m73 height.

Zendaya’s gorgeous eyes and sharp eyes at The Greatest Showman can make anyone who criticizes Spider-Man: Homecoming is stupid. Performing dangerous acrobatic stunts, the twenty-one-year-old still excelled in the role. The meeting between two members of the Mouse House brings a beautiful love story. Rewrite The Stars by Zac-Zendaya express sweet and sad no less than the classic City Of Stars in La La Land.

Just joined the scene cameo Rebecca Ferguson is still impressed by the acting force and beauty of love. It’s hard for viewers to hate the stubborn singer Jenny Lind. I can say this is the most beautiful character Rebecca ever shown. Keala Settle, Sam Humphrey … also marked with the song and dance heart vibration. Especially the performance of the song This Is Me in the cold winter sky with the crowd wildly protest.

Preparing for ten weeks, the cast of The Greatest Showman offered great performances from vocals to stage skills. Hugh Jackman has rehearsed a lot of times on foot, and Zendaya is sweating wildly. They tried their best to get spectacular and emotional performances on the big screen.

When discussing the success of The Greatest Showman, surely the soundtrack should be the first to be mentioned. The Greatest Show, Come Alive, This Is Me … exciting; The Other Side or the Never Enough tunes, Rewrite The Stars sadly … for the 105-minute audience in the dream. It will be hard to keep up the desire to dance to these tunes at the cinema.

The Greatest Showman has bright color film, good image quality from the scene to the home scene. The Barmun Circus feels warm and full of joy with its brilliant red tones. The movie has many unique angles, full of surprises.

The main topic is the process of “rich” entertainment, but The Greatest Showman broader on many issues of American society at the time such as racism, class discrimination. However, the film only surfaced without exploiting too much. This leads to the biggest disadvantage – lack of drama. Because of the “real people” so the episode is simple, difficult to solve easily.

Anyway, with the concept “Art must first make the viewer happy and happy.”, The audience out of the movie theater will really satisfy with the great melody and unforgettable performances of The Greatest Showman.

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