Review Ferdinand Adventure – Laughing with the cows

If you have ever loved Rio or the animated series Ice Age, you probably will not want to miss this next superhero. Ferdinand Adventure continues to be an animated film about animals, full of adorable, funny, meaningful and satisfying elements to satisfy most audiences, The gift of year-end brings the moment of entertainment dropping, the laughter of worry-free Blue Sky Studios.

Ferdinand Adventure signed to accompany the bullfighter Ferdinand to the Spanish land with interesting culture that has caused much controversy: bull fighting. As a “convent child”, born and raised in a “war” training camp dedicated to bullfighting fencers, Ferdinand was destined to become a mighty warrior. But instead, he crawled back to love peace, hate war, avoid violence and only passionate watching butterflies, flowers. Therefore, Ferdinand’s “Beef Cake” is often teased by friends.

Contrary to the aggressive, aggressive and competitive nature of his cows, deep in Ferdinand’s soul is a gentle, gentle cow. He does not want to fight, nor does he want to hurt anyone. One day, Ferdinand fled the bullfighting and was brought to a new family where he was loved as a pet and spoiled by passion. Trouble begins when Ferdinand grows up, the soul is still “cake” but with huge body, tall muscular, bumbling clumsily accidentally torn flower festival in the city and paralyzed into the break Harmful, aggressive, high-level hazards need to be improved. The “cow bunny” was scared, confessed, and sent back to the bullfighting training camp, where he met his childhood friends who had grown up. The adventures of a cow crawling with the soul of a dreaded cake start, pulling a series of details of laughing stomach pain, along with many valuable lessons not only for children but also for adults.

Ferdinand Adventure was born to bring laughter to the audience, the film is built in a gentle style, high entertainment humor that is not too heavy on the lesson or meaning. As a result, small children who can not understand the whole message of the film can still see and laugh with interest. Blue Sky’s “specialties” are perhaps the main cast of the mainstream, with characters who do not even need to open their mouths can make the audience unable to stop laughing. The film circuit is also very clear, logical and charismatic, but as the film progresses, it does not make the audience feel confused.

Difficult to compare Ferdinand and CoCo because the two films have two styles and highlights are completely different. According to the writer, both are in very good ways. Coco brings you feelings and warm tears, love, Ferdinand creates laughter drop, gas discharge “forget the way home”.

And if Coco was considered a voice-dub when the Vietnamese voice-over completely ruined the movie, then Ferdinand was quite the opposite. The dubbed Vietnamese language with pretty words, escape meaning and words very often make you can not stop laughing. I do not like to watch cartoons because I always want to hear the voice of the character, but Ferdinand is probably the exception. The voice of the film also contributes to the humor throughout the film, the baby can also understand and laugh fun, not just adults. The lyrics of the film are not Vietnamese culture but still retain the original song, so the audience can be completely relieved enjoy.

Maybe the filmmaker wants to focus on the image and content to make maximum laughter, so the sound is not so much exploited, but for a pure animated film is enough. The graphics are fine with bright colors, but the details are not sharp enough. Much of the details needed to be specific, such as goats’, horses’ or horses’ necks, were made in a very rough and eye-free fashion. But for the baby or the viewer is easy, graphics image with color is invested carefully, bring the feeling of bright, cool eyes are enough to attract all eyes. Especially the tone of the lawn, the sky, the farm full of flowers and colors on the main characters – sub are very eye-catching and diverse, sure to please the audience.

Ferdinand Adventure is definitely a movie worth seeing not only for the young but also for adults. The film still carries the message and the meaning of the lesson but is expressed in a gentle and humorous style, focusing on entertainment rather than settling down like Coco. If you’re feeling a little tired and need some relaxing time, go to the cinema to watch Ferdinand’s coyote and his friends make fun of you.

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