[Review] Black Panther is the best MCU movie?

Black Panther basically still has the clear motif of the MCU, which is easy to see, easy to grasp and even completely blind to the superhero movie.

What is audiovisual experience? The view is personally not satisfied. The artwork and the cgi do not look pretty bad and many if you notice that the scenes are not well prepared, resulting in a very confusing layout and excessive detail, the action scene is top It’s pretty, but the amount of time I feel is a bit less and less hype, which previous films like Thor: Ragnarok or Civil War have done. In return for the music and sound effects of the movie is very good, just listen to know that watching movies about the culture of the African, many of the music is very wild and you want to dance, some soundtrack is collected Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd are also used in the film. In short, complementary to each other, the audio-visual section is acceptable. However, compared to what MCU has inherited, the Black Panther is a bit disappointing.

About acting. Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger, with great advances, writes that Benson will be the next black actor after Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson or Denzel Washington will make a big deal in Hollywood. The villain Erik Killmonger was right with many previous comments that were Marvel’s most powerful and valuable villain after Loki and the Vulture.

Black Panther hero T’Challa, the central character of the movie, through Chadwick Boseman’s performance is no new addition to his Civil War appearance. In addition to being “embarrassed” to integrate with the inherent culture from the MCU. And in general, with the potential in the future, the Black Panther will have more land to Chadwick Boseman try to add.

The most impressive characters are T’Challa’s sister Shuri, the patriarch of M’Baku and female general Okoye. Among the princesses that have appeared before Disney’s Shuri can be considered her most interesting personality, and M’Baku if you need to find laughter and satisfaction when watching the movie, this character By the grace and the “loneliness” will bring it to you. About Okoye, when you’re bored with beautiful, harmless female characters? This lady will bring a new color of thorns, loyalty and courage in the countless other female heroes of MCU.

Nakia warriors Lupita Nyong’o, Queen Ramonda of Angella Bassett, Ross of Martin Freeman are generally just around the shoulders, leaving no impression. Andy Serkis’ character does not comment, as it is the key to the story.

Daniel Kaluuya is a talented actor but his W’Kabi role in Black Panther makes me a little disappointed. I feel it may be because this character was built quite half-hearted, wry and lack of emphasis, although in the film land is no less.

And rest assured, Stan Lee will have a cameo, of course.

The Black Panther is a mix of political and ethnic messages, right at a time when these issues are so hot that they can be counter-productive. It’s up to you, but it’s a wise move for director Ryan Clooger because it fits the color and spirit that the Black Panther wants to bring to the audience.

Finally, answer the question at the beginning of the title. Is Black Panther the Best Marvel Movie? The answer is that this is an excellent MCU movie, but the best one is not the blower. The reason for this is that the feeling of the writer feels like that, because actually when it’s done, the Black Panther has not really made the viewer feel “yes”, the movie still lacks something to say. Best or perfect.

In short, Black Panther is a worthwhile movie, with neutral fans, enough to please loyal fans, acceptable to those extremely difficult. Anyway, let’s go to the movie theater to support the Black Newspaper, the movie about the first black hero of the superhero movie universe, to know, one day not far, we will also have a heroic original Asian appearances on the silver screen.

Small tips from the writers: should only be viewed in 2D format, because this 3D movie is quite “dark”, the effect is not very much. Please take a moment to look at the post-credit scene and after-credit scene to meet a strange but familiar, but familiar but strange. Just as you know what MCU will bring to you in the fight with Thanos in the upcoming Infinity War block.

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