Review Black Museum – Black Mirror 4

This is not a movie but just one episode in the Black Mirror series. In particular, the Black Museum is the sixth and final episode of the fourth season.

But there are too many things … unexpected and horrible that even if you have never heard of the Black Mirror or hardcore fans of the series is absolutely, do not miss.

With a duration of 68 minutes, the Black Museum will tell you three short stories that are minute by minute. The story itself, this episode also makes a very own journey too.

Story One: In medicine, there are symptoms of the body that even the best doctors can not diagnose. How easy it would be if there was a device that would transmit the pain, abnormality in the patient to the doctor. That technology does not harm physicians, but helps them understand and get the disease right.

Second Story: Even with maximum usage, our brains are about 40% of their capacity. So why not take the remaining 60% to become the container … the consciousness of others. Especially your loved ones, because of the accident that became a vegetarian. In this way, you will help them escape from the unstable body, live and feel at the same time with you.

Third Story: Instead of creating a wax museum, we can now replicate the memory and shape of a human being digitally. They continue to live, by our side in 3D, despite the fact that the body has dissolved in time ashes.

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Scientific advances bring us a more comfortable, comfortable and easier life. But, anything has two sides of it. And the dark side of technology is also proportional to the brightness we have. This is the message through which British filmmaker Charlie Brooker wants to convey to us through the series Black Mirror series.

The Black Museum is the only episode in four seasons that uses three small stories to create a big story. And the message in this episode also covers many issues in society such as doctor’s ethics, marriage and parenting disagreements.

Not only does Get Out know how to turn racist themes into fears. And the Black Museum did this as well. The movie title talks about a special museum – a collection of technological tools that have caused crimes. And in the shadow sense, it is also a place that contains many stigmas, for black people.

The idea is the biggest “charm” of the Black Mirror. There are a lot of touching stories, both tragic and tragic in the Black Mirror. Of course, most of them are more or less attached to our real life. If you do not have time to watch the entire Black Mirror, then you just need to see the Black Museum is enough imagination about many things.

For the Black Mirror fan, the Black Museum is a special episode. Because this is a collection of all the previous 18 volumes that belong to the same universe. There are a lot of clues, from baby to large, fleeting in this episode.

Of course, this is not the way to go to the big Hollywood movies. All of this was Charlie Brooker’s calculations when the movie aired in 2011. Oh, he stuffed some tiny “Easter Eggs” across the papers, some small letters from the first episode that You will always chill.

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