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Considered to be the “descendant” of the Skyline (directed by the Strause brothers) in 2010, of course, Beyond Skyline by director Liam O’Donnell is also quite worthy of his predecessor as the next release. “Beyond Skyline is a lot better than Skyline.” The movie should have been able to do a better job of building a plot that was not related to the old movie, but because the old storyline was bullshit, so the following movie could not do better.

But to be easy to evaluate some points, please be allowed to see this as a separate film, not related to the old film. Beyond Skyline simply revolves around a flood of alien, stupid-looking aliens growing in size, not just in size, but lacking in the brain to find a planet as small as Earth. take the brain.

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They use the limited-life brains and faults to control their most advanced robots !? I thought that aliens are also intelligent, well developed, they just emit a blue light that is immediately hypnotized the whole Earth, then why, to leave the team his army depends on the number of people so? Then one day the brain is dead or confused, how about the robot that sells scrap?

Vulnerabilities and illogical details are pretty much in the film. For example, a woman with a baby on the ship and the protagonist Mark (Frank Grillo) are forced to become “maternity” reluctantly. The baby was born without blood, not umbilical cord, looks like 5-6 months after birth but not newborn. Surely the whole movie budget is invested to make CGI technology for aliens and so can not afford to do the trick to make a new born baby look a little more reasonable? After escaping the spacecraft, the scene of the characters moved to Laos. At this point, two other characters, Sua (Iko Uwais) and Kanya (Pamelyn Chee) appear, with a punching display of martial arts skills that do not understand what to do.

A huge crowd of aliens invaded the Earth without seeing the news, the press, the troops fighting back, or sleeping ?! Finally, human life depends on a group of drug dealers. They planned to bomb the Shiva temple to block the aliens. According to the character of the temple has been since the anti-American, no one to test the quality of the temple where the dare to bomb the bottom, miss the weak structure it collapsed, do not have to go all the people . Well, maybe they are there, they understand the quality of it than me. Do not dare to break the table.

The characters in the movie die too suddenly, especially Kanya’s death is in the form of indescribable nonsense. If the director turns and depicts the character’s expressions in a character-like manner, then it is acceptable. This is so fast surfing that the death of the character sometimes mistakenly think “stupid death, not sick”.

The actors are all stunted like the tree, acting scene lost loved ones that have no feelings. The characters are bland, the relationships are so bland, bland, bland, bland, good, but the back angle makes me horrible. Wherever it is necessary to vibrate the camera, people are dramatic, encouraging you not to eat just watching to preserve the deliciousness of the food. The level of dirt in the alien plus the angle of rotation of shaking enough to make people with weak stomach preparation to vomit. If you think you have the ability to withstand, I have nothing to say.

The plus point of the film is the magnificent scene and beautiful pictures, the punches are good. The alien monsters also look very eye. Unfortunately, the scenery on the spacecraft was not extended and somewhat lacking drama, perhaps not enough funding. The atmosphere of the movie reminds viewers of the glamorous scene of Aliens in the past.

In a nutshell, for a low-budget movie ($ 20 million) like Beyond Skyline, watching movies is okay, no more demanding, but you do not have to carry your brain.

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