Rampage – When monsters fight landslide

In recent years, the monster movie has come back and is gaining in popularity. In particular, the upcoming 2020, film Godzilla vs King Kong by Warner Bros. film. performance will mark a turning point as the two giant monsters clash each other. But before the official Godzilla vs King Kong shooting, Warner Bros studio has brought to the public a huge movie of fighting monsters, Rampage, a film adaptation of the game of the same name. The film was meticulously planned, action, monumental, glorious, certainly not sub-expectations of the audience love this film.

Rampage has a simple plot, with the main character being Davis Okoye (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) – a biologist and caretaker of the San Diego State Park. Here, George is an albino gorilla, despite his great shape and strength, George is so humble, humorous and a friend of Davis. After an incident, George becomes bigger, more aggressive, joined by two other monsters, Ralph – the giant wolf and Lizzy – giant reptiles look like Godzilla crocodile hybrid fight landslide . And Davis has to find a way to save George, while trying to stop the two monsters. This is also the introduction to the basic content that the studio announced, as well as shown through the trailer of the film.

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Obviously for a movie adaptation of a game like Rampage, the plot is not a strong point. Actually, movies adapted from the game are often not appreciated by critics, but with Rampage, the movie has decided to focus on other strengths, which are dramatic action, epic The fierce monster ferocious; beautiful, real eye.

Under the influence of CGI technique, the monkey George became extremely true, even true to the facial expressions that make this character the most impressive film. The battle between giant monsters is also tech-savvy support to create a dramatic, monumental, and action film circuit that takes place almost from the beginning to the end of the movie.

Rampage stars such as Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Joe Manganiello. Just as the storyline, acting and character line in Rampage are nothing special. Even the movie features superheroes, or some ordinary villains, not very impressed. But this is probably in the plan, as it is a monster movie, and the monster is the focus of the movie. A small bright spot in the main character line is monkey George, this cute monkey will surprise many audience in the last minute of the film.

So overall, Rampage is a purely entertaining film, no surprise or humanity, but it is very suitable for relaxing at the weekend, with friends, loved ones or relatives. In terms of entertainment, Rampage certainly will not disappoint the audience, as this is a monster movie fighting “landslide” – literally.

Rampage trailer

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