Rampage – Just “The Meat Loaf” The Rock has pleased the fans

Though the storyline is ridiculous, the Rampage is not boring but rather entertaining. With Rampage, the audience can be assured that they will be entertained for the fiery battles between the monsters.

Hollywood has long been known to have a “curse” that any movie transferred from the game will either be bad or fail miserably. And indeed, there is no movie game that really escapes this “rip”. From ambitious projects such as Prince of Persia, Warcraft and Assassion’s Creed, none of them succeeded. However, this still can not prevent the studios continue to bring other popular games on the screen.

After Tomb Raider with acceptable quality, Warner Bros. Rampage, adapted from the title arcade hit the same name launched in 1986. Of course, no one expected Rampage is the big step forward of the movie line-up game. Even the movie itself does not care about it, because filmmakers know that moviegoers are watching the Rampage to see the beasts plow through the city. And the film is not disappointing in this respect.

Rampage is the story of Davis Okoye (The Rock), a zoologist living separately from everyone. His only friend is Geogre, a gorilla who was adopted by Davis at a young age. Unfortunately, a flaw in genetic testing has turned Geogre into a giant monster. As if a monster was not enough, he discovered that two more monsters were also born from this experiment. Davis is racing with the time to develop a serum to save Geogre trying to stop the monsters.

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Rampage marks the third collaboration between The Rock and director Brad Peyton since The Mysterious Island and the San Andreas earthquake (2015). Compared with the previous two works, the director’s skills have improved a lot. Starting with a scene just like Gravity and ending with the unprecedented battle between The Rock and the monsters, Rampage borrows elements from a variety of genres. From humor, horror to war and disaster, the film truly shows the diversity in Brad Peyton’s filmmaking style.

But most importantly, production crew really understand what the core of the game is. The success of the Rampage franchise comes from a sense of destruction when the player controls giant monsters. And the movie version has very well conveyed this aspect. The movie does not “hit the line” but constantly launch the most exciting, the most glamorous team that can work wonders. The brutal, uncompromising action scenes are well crafted and intuitive. Audience will certainly not be able to close their eyes from the screen when the monsters plunge into each other.

However, this moment of “happy” until the end of the new film. The audience has to endure for more than an hour the lines like punches in the ear and a story that is “very bad”. Of course, people can not make a movie with only monsters fighting from start to finish. But the scientific concepts or motives of the characters are only added for there without any investment. Fortunately thanks to the film circuit is quite fast, before the yawn short yawn, the audience was pulled back by the action jubilant fire smoke.

The Rock continues to star in the Rampage, just like all his films. The friendship between Davis and the Geogre monkey makes this character so intimate and easy to get support from the viewer. The rest of the characters are just around the shoulders rather than contributing too much to the story and are lost in the “halo” of The Rock. The film really cost a good cast including Naomie Harris (Moonlight), Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike), Malin Akerman (Watchmen), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead).

Overall, Rampage has not been able to break the “curse” of the movie adaptation of the game, but the film has shown many positive signs. The film brings exactly what the fans of the title expect – fire jokes. However, Ramage can not go far beyond the lack of investment in the plot and script. If you need a movie to kill time before the summer blockbuster starts, Rampage is not a bad choice.

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