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Perfect Blue is the debut of Satoshi Kon, one of the most talented directors in the land of the sun, whose works have inspired the creation of Black Swan or Inception. reputation. A brilliant career was created by just four movies, and among them, Perfect Blue was the most important role in bringing the reputation of the new director to the wine industry. far from all over the world.

The movie revolves around Kirigoe Mima, a girl who grows up with the dream of becoming a singer and shining on stage. However, reality and dreams rarely come together. Although being considered a key member of Cham, an upstart idol group with a lot of potential, Mima decided to turn to become an actor looking for new career ladder. Since then, a series of consecutive events have taken place and the heart of that chaotic circle is none other than Mima.

A short, simple name like Perfect Blue will not tell you anything special or help you predict the movie content. Hiding behind the name is a crazy story, a disgusting, disgusting world portrayed as plainly, as thoroughly as possible. At first, Mima was only given a supporting role with only a single line of dialogue, and to step from the bottom of the black mud to the top of fame, Mima was ready to throw away all the precious stuff. which she owns. Happy days with friends or the joy of everyday trying to reach a dream are just prelude. Next is the removal of clothes, and then the inner peace also becomes a sacrifice. The more you wear, the more you throw away the value of your life, Mima became more famous.

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The dark side of fame is exposed by the most bold, bold scenes. The scene of forced mass makes the viewer shocked and severely suppressed because it is too real. It is not here to talk about action, but to truly portray evil in every human being. Every second we pass, we witness the cruelty multiplied, to the point where we have to creep people to wonder about the society in which they live. At the scene Mima gradually shed each piece of cloth before the devil wildly teamed up with a reputation photographer, the viewer will be silly before the rapid transformation of the naive girl, to become a white vase all black coal. The layers of sense are barely embraced in a clever way and lead the way of Satoshi Kon make the viewer feel very inhibited, but the desire to witness the end of Mima is more intense.

Along with doing everything to become a famous actor, Mima also suffered a lot of things going on around her. The threatening messages, the letter bombs, an impostor who grasped each of her smallest actions, the murderous murders that the victims all had about Mima, and the climax was the appearance. Another singer’s Mima makes her stuck in a turbulent cycle between real and virtual. Satoshi Kon has demonstrated the mastery of creating a thrilling storyline that incorporates horror and psychological elements. Clues about the killer seem to have been exposed in the plot, but because the viewer has been drawn into the vicious circle between reality and reality, he has to watch the changes and the change in the face. Mima’s psychology, causing the clues to accidentally glide without catching up. To expose everything we have to contemplate and find out how naive we are. But discovering the culprit is not the end, but realizing the truth about the actions he has done is even more interesting.

Repeated, realistic, and virtual sequences become increasingly obscure, until you no longer have to believe in anything. After all, who is the real Mima actor or Mima singer, which can also Mima and the world is messed up in the dream of the girl that Mima is playing. Making the viewer “float away” in a mixed reality is Kon’s forte, and that is also the main factor for the success of his next two works, the Vernacular and Paprika. When the chaos that he created reached its peak and seemed to be about to explode, the “scum!”, The truth was revealed. Unlike the ambiguous ambiguity in most of the length of the work, the ending is described quite clearly. This can make you feel a bit short, but for me it is like a “liberation” after the string of stresses and a perfect end to this work.

Sadly, after the graphic revolutions in the anime, people would never be able to do a similar work again. It was only in the 1990s that it was possible to create so subtle realistic lines. There is also the possibility of great incarnations of veteran seiyuu like Junko or Rica, which the seiyuu trained as today is difficult to cover up.

Perfect Blue meets all the elements of a masterpiece when it embraces both artistic value and depth of content, combined with the preparation of all aspects. The film has completely changed the way people think about anime, contributing significantly to the formation of the diversity of the film genre. This is an excellent work not only for anime fans but for all movie fans around the world, however, be sure to be 18 years old and watch them!

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