Pacific Rim 2 – Smooth, emotionless and unable to overcome the shadow of part 1

As a spectator who has been watching and admiring Part 1 of the Pacific Rim, I will make very real comments, as if feeling sorry for a movie that has a good idea but what It shows up blurry and almost does not make sense in the viewer.

Pacific Rim 2, with the title of “Wake Up”, is about human warfare against Kaiju (the creature of destruction coming from the bottom of the sea) through the javelins (giant robots of enormous size like skyscrapers). Though set in the 10th anniversary of Kaiju’s victory, the main plot of the movie is not much different than the first one with just a few knots added. So, if you have “missed” through the old section, you will feel the content of the film is very easy to guess, the more the less the fun and especially not expecting a big battle at the end of the film. This is actually quite understandable, since the film circuit is rather lengthy, some unnecessary parts, but some other sections need to be worked out more like Jaeger’s battles with Jaeger, The system between the characters is done through the speaker and faint.

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The Jaeger in part 2 of the Pacific Rim has changed in appearance and upgraded in terms of motion but really did not create the substance of the giant robot. Each of Jaeger’s mechanical parts, especially the Gipsy Avenger, has the most appearances of a robot that does not show the weight of a robot as large as a high-rise building. mechanical couplings or couplings gradually operate, very few “quality” steps crack the ground or create tremendous sound in a region of the sky. At the same time, the Jaeger also has more colors than the first one and this inadvertently makes it feel too bulky compared to a monster combat robot. If in the first part, each color robots are unique to each country, the Pacific Rim 2 Jaeger is no different than the colorful toys.

In the Kaiju section, they are also changed and added to the powerful creatures to level IV and V, plus the ability to evolve. But, still a word, but when the Kaiju in this movie is not showing the size of the large with the angle of approach and go from below, mainly focus on the focus only on the film. Far to see the whole ugly body of them. The movie has a good point in revealing Kaiju’s all-too-great potential thanks to the offspring, but because they are little monsters, their images are not invested and they are over-the-air and the way they are created. The new ability for Kaiju is not enough “epic” as it should be.

If anyone asks me what is the worst of the movie, then I will give up the content of the bland right said it is a skill. Why do I have such a rigorous evaluation? It’s all because I’ve seen the first part in 2D and the second in 3D. Why, why a 2D movie like Pacific Rim’s first epic rendition is so real and so lively, while the second part of the 5-year-old technology that keeps viewers watching I can not see the dim details in the film. The fight scene because the speed should be fuzzy acceptable, but why the scene of Jaeger’s appearance when not working is not sharp? At times, the flashy colors of the film in general and Jaeger in particular make me feel like watching a cartoon.

The movie is bad at making the viewer feel, many of the characters sacrificed in Pacific Rim 2 but the audience can not quite be sad, not to mention touched, simply because the character went too “chatter” and ridiculous. The soundtrack to Part 1 made the audience roam the bumps how much the second part of the emotional decline, even Pacific Rim 2 very little use of the background music of the film.

As for the actors, perhaps most prominent and most concerned is the scene, her steadfast “stamping” through many films. Thanks to her “ingenious” acting, from a highly influential character in the film and the ability to leave a mark on the audience, she has made her character lighter, just as ” When moving through the scene, she changed her outfit, hair and make-up, her dead people also changed, the earth in danger of her change, even near her death also. Change in direction … beautiful than normal. The main character John Boyega still has the humor of his role playing many, although there are several scenes call for morale is not very emotional. The bright spot of the film is probably Cailee Spany, although young, but what she brought to the film is very real and natural.

In general, if you have not seen the first part and is a fan of Pacific Rim then you can completely enjoy Pacific Rim 2 with the most psychological comfort and see it as a pure entertainment film. As for the fans, I advise you to continue to save money for more anticipated movies this summer, typically the Ready Player One and beyond the Infinity War.

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