Looking Glass – Nicolas Cage was really out of time?

After a long absence on the big screen, Nicolas Cage returns as her husband in the film about the women who desire to have children – Inconceivable (Oblate – 2017). However, the screen back is not very impressive (if not to disappoint the audience is full of). The idea that he will learn from experience and choose the script more carefully, but Nicolas followed the tracks down and continue to disappoint the audience participating in Looking Glass (Secret Behind the Mirror). The role of the guest house in Looking Glass once again shows that the legendary Face / Off star is now out of date.

The film tells the couple Ray (Nicolas Cage) and Maggie (Robin Tunney) bought the abandoned house after a suburb after his daughter died in a tragic accident. Here, Ray begins to discover unusual things, from the neighbors to the guests who stay at the lodge. One day, he discovered a basement and two-dimensional mirror looking at room number 10. So every day he is here to … peek the guests. Since then, a series of strange happenings, affecting the lives, marriage and life of the couple.

The Looking Glass film brings the audience from one mystery to another, so that when the film ends, the scriptwriter is constantly tormenting the audience when they unleash another mystery. However, no mystery is solved and when “The End” appears on the screen, the audience does not understand what he just saw and left with a sense of loss. Who is Ben driving the truck? What is your relationship with the previous owner of the lodge? Who is the short haired woman who rents room number 10? Why did the first guest arrive at the lodge? Why do all these people just want to rent room number 10 at the end of the line? … Too many details are left open and characters are left to make the film content as a mess, not leaving the audience feeling out of boredom and heavy mood, discomfort.

The main protagonist of the film is also a disappointment. Throughout the film, without being brainstatic or too attentive, viewers can easily guess who is the main antagonist. But until the end, this character completely revealed but nothing unexpected or dramatic. Moreover, the motive of the character is not raised, the manner of the crime and the relationship with the victims is not explained. This character is also a one-sided antithesis, no depth, no highlights and makes the audience feel like ordinary villains in the cheap B movie. But what is most inhibiting and disconcerting is the manner in which the character was killed by Ray in the last scene with only two shots, completely without a bit of climax or drama.

The reason that Looking Glass was labeled 18+ when screened in theaters was because there were quite a lot of sensational scenes between Ray-Maggie’s guests and the couple, especially the BDSM scene between the guests. The 50-sided BDSM series itself is quite subtle and light-hearted, but it’s also a bit cheesy, let alone a film that’s more than a dozen times more boring than 50 Sắc Thái. The BDSM scene in Looking Glass was like the “extreme error” version of 50 Shockwave, when it was only done in a boring, fake, stereotypical manner, and the actors only acted in a skilful way. The affair between Raymond and Maggie does not help highlight the emotional relationship between the two characters, only to show that Ray is a metamorphic man and only wants to satisfy the need. He himself peeked through the two-way mirror. Contributing to the film’s worst fiasm was the boring act and the cast’s unmistakable face.

Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney acted just around the shoulders, no breakthroughs and absolutely no impression on the audience. After watching the film, people only remember Nicolas with bearded face, big tummy completely different from the image of the day and the performance is increasingly down. Marc Blucac as Howard’s main villain – the antagonist of the film, is also nothing special. This is also unsettling because his character is not outstanding and is built in a blurry and boring way.

Besides, the color of the film is quite dark, but it does not create a sense of horror or horror that only makes viewers uncomfortable because they do not see anything. The angles are not well chosen, not to highlight the horror of the motel and the town is full of strange residents. But the new sound is the lightest part of the film. Throughout the film, from the beginning to the end, from the usual scenes to dramatic scenes, the background music is just one tone at the same time, so faint that after watching the movie I have to try Recall whether the movie has a background music or not.

Although it was directed by famed director Tim Hunter, who produced the hit television series Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story, and starring Nicolas Cage, Looking Glass still fails miserably and contributes to the list of the worst movies of all time. After Inconceivable (2016), Mom and Dad (2018) and now Looking Glass, Nicolas Cage should choose the film carefully before the career downhill without braking. And do not expect Looking Glass to be an intriguing horror film with horror and mystery scenes, in fact its appearance is just a lie!

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