Lady Bird – Age of rebellion in each of us

Among the directors, female screenwriters at this year’s Oscars, perhaps Greta Gerwig is the most famous female director, scriptwriter. Greta Gerwig gave the audience a rebellious age-drama in each of us, rewritten on the basis of familiarity, familiarity, subtlety of life at an early age Stubborn with complex relationships and psychology. That is the movie Lady Bird.

Lady Bird is about the life of late Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson in Sacramento, California. “Lady Bird” is currently studying at a Catholic high school, living in an underdeveloped family where her parents are always struggling with family finances. However, “Lady Bird” is unhappy with the tight, boring life in the California countryside that wants to fly high flying, fly to new horizons. The horizon is the East Coast, with the goal of a quality and promising private university. This is also a big contradiction between “Lady Bird” and her mother, when for her, the cost for private universities is too high compared to her family income and wish “Lady Bird” to study at a university studying at home.

The role of “Lady Bird” is played by young, beautiful actress Saoirse Ronan and this is the third time a young girl born in 1994 was nominated for an Oscar for acting, after Atonement and Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, Saoirse Ronan plays a gentle “country girl”, from Ireland to Brooklyn with “American Dream” in Lady Bird, still “American dream” but “American dream” full. Bold of a strong young girl, personality in the rebellious age.

It is noteworthy that the director, screenwriter Greta Gerwig once said that her childhood at Catholic school was in stark contrast to “Lady Bird,” claiming to be a follower of the rules. Is “Lady Bird” a part of the person that she wants to become but always have to bury in the heart for so many years?

Meanwhile, McPherson’s mother-in-law portrayed by actor Laurie Metcalf was also excellent, which helped both mother-in-law win Oscar nominations this year. In particular, Laurie Metcalf will compete fiercely with another mother of a strong personality daughter, played by Allison Janney in the movie I, Tonya.

In addition to two Oscar nominations for actresses Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf, Lady Bird also brought Greta Gerwig nominated for Best Director, and nominated for Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture. year.

The beauty of Lady Bird is the simplicity that is true, let us see ourselves in that rebellious age. Like “Lady Bird,” we all have had a lot of trouble at school due to the impatient moment of being in love with some of our best friends and sending ourselves to him, learning to be “adult”. “From face to face” with his best friend to play with new friends more sophisticated and then heal again. We have had some quarrels with our parents because of the differences in ideology, of the thoughts that will come to our own, but after all, we recognize the parents, the families who love we most. Deep hidden in each person we have a “Lady Bird” with rebellious aspirations, fly high flying but also full of affection for family and beloved parents.

“Lady Bird” will fly up, like birds with enough wings to leave home with their parents. For parents, it is a happy tingling when their children are really grown up, as well as sad and sad tears away from their children because the children are always the children in the eyes of parents. The tears of Mrs McPherson – the mother of “Lady Bird” are the same tears, and when we can recognize those tears, we are really mature.

Finally, the maturity is not how to play, how rebellious, how high flying away how grown up is to know the family love, see the tears that parents have hidden behind the back .

That’s why the film Lady Bird deserves to be the song about the rebellious age and reincarnation age in each of us. After that rebellious age is the maturity. Each of us has a “Lady Bird”.

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