Kikoriki: Déjà vu – A colorful journey and laugh out tears of friendship

Considered to be one of the most iconic characters of modern Russian animation, Kikoriki officially landed on the big screen of Vietnam this summer with a colorful, fun and meaningful cinematic version. Kikoriki: Déjà vu

Movie Summary

Story of Kikoriki: Déjà vu begins with the intention of giving a surprise gift to his friend Barry on his birthday, the rabbit Kikoriki bought a time-traveling expedition of the company Déjà vu. Still, it would be a fun and enjoyable trip, but unfortunate, due to system failures, the whole crew was lost and fell into different spaces and times. What did Kikoriki do to get back to the present, saving Barry and his friends? 85 minutes of Kikoriki: Travel Out of Time will surely be an unforgettable journey filled with a variety of exciting things, meaningful life, laughter and even touching moments to the unforgettable baby. Have fun with your family this summer.

Famous brand name of the country of birch

Kikoriki in Russian, also known as Smeshariki, is a six-and-a-half-minute TV series set for children ages 3 to 8. Its first broadcast since May 2004, has so far had 209 episodes, then spread throughout Europe, the United States and the whole world. Every episode of the Kikoriki rabbit and funny friends is based on situations that children may encounter in their daily lives. With the humorous details, the lovely characters, the work will not only make children enjoy but also attract the audience as adults. At launch, Kikoriki’s influence was far less than that of the smurfs in Belgium. Kikoriki: Déjà vu launched on 18.05 this is also the right time to celebrate the 14th birthday of this brand.

The combination of Back to The Future and X-Men: Days of Future Past

For the 14th birthday party, the creator of Kikoriki came up with the idea and prepared for the Déjà vu film, which took more than four years. At this point, they put up a lot of themes from family conflicts, space travel, exploring dead or “muddy” land rather than fighting zombies, but almost every idea is out of place. I am grateful to the audience for a long time. In the summer of 2014, the X-Men blockbuster “Days of Future Past” hits the box office, and now the idea of ​​traveling through time has inspired director Denis Chernov and screenwriter Jeffrey Hylton to create a duet. Take time for your group Kikoriki, and take it to rewrite the many ups and downs of this brand from the beginning until becoming a television phenomenon. However, that was only the initial inspiration, the superstar of Marvel’s marauders seemed a bit heavy with children, director Denis Chernov reminiscent of popular culture back to the future of Steven Spielberg. , his head-to-head comedy series and began putting the first bricks on his hearty work. And finally, with the gentle message of friendship, in parallel with the finality of time, the movie Kikoriki: Déjà vu becomes a round-the-clock cinema of entertainment and meaning for children and families. this summer.

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