Justice League – Simple content but action magnificent

On the night of November 15, 1977, the film is expected by the DC fans: Justice League was officially launched in Vietnam in the prime show. After more than two hours of experiencing the movie that brings together these celebrity superheroes, the Justice League can be said to be a simple, easy-to-read, accessible film, with a bit of humor and a particularly linear personality. The impressive and the monumental action and glitter.

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As we all know, the Justice League brings together DC super heroes to form a superhero group, including Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman to fight the “Terminator of the Worlds” steppenwolf soldiers His demon parademons. Perhaps after the twinkling of the storyline and Batman v Superman, this time Zack Snyder and his crew made a safe choice: Making a superhero movie with simple, easy-to-watch content, with the storyline from beginning to end.

Like the Avengers, the Justice League has successfully completed the task of gathering her superheroes. But if the Avengers were prepared before the Marvel superheroes had their own films, the Justice League’s mission was more difficult to introduce to characters without Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg. . And perhaps this is the highlight of the Justice League, where characters are well exploited, from where they came from to why and how they joined the Justice League, as well as how they overcome conflict and closeness. wing together to save the world. In addition, the Justice League also has interesting easter eggs for fans.

If you’re looking forward to a great action film and glitter, do not overlook Justice League, because this is the biggest advantage of the film. Battle of the Justice League superhero with Steppenwolf and Parademons demonic monster monster monsters as well. This is one of the most fearsome, action and glamorous films in superhero movies.

However, the film also has certain disadvantages. Firstly, the soundtrack was edited by Danny Elfman, after Joss Whedon took over and replaced Junkie XL that did not meet the expectations of the fans. In a monumental and glittering film, the music is extremely important. Although Danny Elfman has written Batman 1989, Batman Returns, Spider-Man trilogy, and the incorporation of Batman1989 into the Justice League, it seems that classical music is no match for superhero movies, especially DCEU’s superhero movie was heavily influenced by the epic music set by Hans Zimmer and the legacy Junkie XL. In contrast to MCU, all of DCEU’s films have impressive soundtracks, from Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad to Wonder Woman, but this time with the Justice League, The soundtrack is nothing special and similar to the MCU movies.

Another drawback is that the Justice League has a relatively short duration, only about two hours, for a medium-to-moderate film, and to justify the origin of new characters. Although the majority of the film is fighting and very glamorous, it seems that the action scenes are not enough for the viewers, because the film is quite short. Perhaps this is the intent of Warner Bros. Studios. Optimizing your exposure and reaching your audience is easier.

In general, Justice League content is simple, easy to understand with a lot of humor. The strength of the film is the character and action scenes monumental and epic. However, the film also has the disadvantage is the background music and short film length. Anyway, Justice League is also a good action movie, if you are an action or superhero type, go to the cinema to enjoy Justice League today.
Small credits, the movie has 2 after credits, especially the second After Credits will be great, you remember to linger the little theater to see the whole two after credits offline.

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