Incredibles 2: The movie has made Marvel & DC so respected

Perfectly combining the darkness of DC and the marvelous entertainer Marvel, the Incredibles 2 once again entices the whole world to applaud.

Fourteen years have elapsed since the family’s death. Incredible defeated smart villain and crazy Buddy Pine – Syndrome, director and scriptwriter Brad Bird new “bear” the new film. Fortunately, this is the animated world, so the characters in our childhood are not growing old. In 2018, Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack are reuniting the audience in what year. Their adventures also follow the final moment of The Incredibles 2004.

Despite the success of blocking a terrorist, the Incredible family still faces hatred and assault. The estranged people, the government more and more stifled by fear of the strong beyond control. In the midst of the deadlock, the Parr family met Winston Deavor, a superhero fan. Superintendent Winston and his sister, Evelyn, made the world look at superheroes again. And not Mr.. Incredible is a superpower, the key this time is Elastigirl.
Away from her husband to … work for the benefit, Helen has done very well the plan of the Deavor. However, when things are going well, the litterer appears. Screenslaver – The evil man with big glasses on his eyes can hypnotize everyone for just a few seconds. He conspired to completely destroy the superhero image in the eyes of ordinary people.

Like Syndrome, Screenslaver is very intelligent. Moreover, contrary to the arrogance of Buddy Pine, he is very subtle, patient and meticulous planning for the ultimate goal. It can be said, Screenslaver even exceed the Syndrome of danger as well as impressive. Again Brad Bird in particular and Pixar in general have succeeded in creating a moral that makes both Marvel and DC fall helmet.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, Incredibles 2 emphasizes the connection, digging deep into the gap between superhuman superheroes but tapping into a new perspective.

Coincidentally when the current world situation makes the launch of Incredibles 2 extremely timely. In the midst of the boiling world of the #MeToo movement, equal rights rallies, allegations of assault on women are flipped over, and the 70s superhero movie again reminds audiences of their role. important of the woman. Previously, Helen took care of Jack Jack, taught Dash to do maths and made friends with her daughter Violet to get Bob out of work. Now everything is redeemed. Bob had to replace Helen in the middle of her out-of-court “illegal” operation to claim legal rights for Superman. Bob backed off and became the backstage for his wife so that Helen would be able to shine with the sheer power she possessed.

The Incredibles 2, in The Incredibles, exploded in love with parents Helen, Violet, and Dash. Everyone has their own faults, but despite their arguments, they always care and help each other.

There is no legend saying “No capes!” As before, talented designer Edna Mode still has an impressive re-release. Also a feminist character, her sister Evelyn is a minor character, but also marked with short hair cut the way, unusual style of clothing.

In this episode, the Incredibles 2 voice team adds a number of prominent names. Catherine Keener becomes actress Evelyn Deavor, Sophia Bush is a superhero Voyd. Except for the Dash boy who changed his voice from Spencer Fox to Huck Milner, most familiar voices from more than a decade ago remain unchanged. “Bob” Craig T. Nelson is very liberal, “Helen” Holly Hunter gently. “Violet” moisturizes Sarah Vowell or the innocent voice of “Jack Jack” Eli Fucile. Of course, Frozone by MCU’s Nick Fury – Samuel L. Jackson and Elen’s personal design by Brad Bird himself. They are the same people who created the legendary The Incredibles.

Pixar repeatedly urged Brad Bird to wait fourteen years for the next. The director and the scriptwriter have taken care of the child as much as possible. Incredibles 2 has more superheroes than ever. Each person a personality, appearance, little land still makes viewers remember. Segmental action as high as when Elastigirl rescue the train or tossing aboard the aircraft threatened the ambassador has put the Incredibles 2 to new heights, worth the length of fourteen years of waiting generations of the audience.

The story is set half a century ago but still keep up with the times, the film has a second fourteen years still prove to be no small attraction. Pixar in particular and Disney in general are complaining from the public about the “milking” of old brands, but with $ 180 million in domestic box office sales in the first weekend of Incredibles 2, the The sequel is almost certain.

Believe that, thanks to the care of the “head” Brad Bird, this superhero brand will go forward, not fall into the old wine scene and succeed as the Toy Story brothers.

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