How To Get Away With Murder – When the crime becomes “abnormal fun”

One of the hottest and most exciting crime drama series, How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM), entices viewers with a charismatic, engrossing approach. The film has now gone through four seasons, with 60 episodes and was nominated for several big and small awards, including two Golden Globe nominations for actress Viola Davis in the category of Best TV Actress category. 2015, 2016.

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If in the Scandal series there is an Olivia Pope dealing with the crisis for politicians, at HTGAWM, we have an analytical Keating who undertakes the defense or folk term is “quarrel” for the the plaintiff, the defendant. Outside of the courtroom, Annalize was also a lecturer at a university. Here, she meets young students, including Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King), Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry), Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) and Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) a group of trainees to study and help her in the trial. But who knows, the moment Keating Five group was set up is also at Annalize was caught up in a tangled by his schoolboy.

If you are a law student and you watch movies just to film the mistake of the trial or the like, immediately “click-back” and look for a more suitable movie. Nobody sees HTGAWM to find a lecture on the law, or use tricks, defenses, sin in the film to apply to the world. Movies always contain some truth, the rest is over-done or edited so dramatically. Film and television and HTGAWM are no exception. Actually never thrilled like in the movie, although the tricks in real life are sometimes disgusting as well. However, the level of absurdity of the film is at an acceptable level, it appeals to the viewer and that is what is important.

The trouble began when the guy Wes Gibbins, because of his feelings and also because want to help Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) – a troublesome neighbor who pulled the Keating Five group caught in a murder . The victim is none other than Sam Keating’s (Tom Verica) homosexual husband Annalize Keating. Annalise then had to find a way to protect the students from being caught by the police, just to find a way to escape the murder of her husband, the sentence she was waiting to face, just right up the courtroom every day to Solving other cases is looking to her.

With his illustrious reputation, Annalize has a very low rate of loss on the courtroom. Almost every case in her hands, no matter how difficult, whether the person facing the verdict is really innocent or guilty, she will also have a solution. Bad play, bribes, threats, money, challenges … all are enough. Cold and somewhat cruel, Annalize in the first season will not be from any tricks to achieve victory, whether to sacrifice her beloved in court.
However, if you look closely, people will understand, everything you do has a deepest purpose is to protect the students. Each season passes and Annalize removes the mask, showing the audience an alcoholic with a haunting past and living with a lot of pain and torment. Sexuality in the courtroom but in real life, she is uncontrollable emotions, impulsive and often hurt words to the people around. However, in the end, Annalize still wake up and began to collect the remnants of the students left.

It is said that Annalize Keating is the center, the soul of the film. Strong performance of Viola Davis is the bright spot in the rumors of HTGAWM. However, this does not mean that this is the only character that stands out. Keating Five after meeting Annalize also changed a lot, both personality and thought. Connor knew of his affair with IT guy – Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora), which he initially used in several cases for Annalize. Asher is relieved of family reunion, remorse for past mistakes and understanding of true love.

Three Laurel characters, Michaela and Wes are three rather complex characters in the movie. Michaela is a very wise person in many situations, but great ambition defeats her in many other aspects of her life. Laurel, in contrast, somewhat – her wealthy family lady, always seeking to escape from the family, want to live for love. Michaela sometimes behaves ruthlessly in action, while Laurel is cruel to speech. The two female characters are clearly defined and extremely interesting, next to Annalize.

The character Wes, part of the source of all this trouble, is extremely emotional. Sometimes his actions drive viewers crazy, but deep down inside those actions, still a heart and kind heart, always want the best for all. In addition to Annalize’s character as Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil), Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) are also key players in the film. The relationships between the overlapping characters, both emotional and the events that take place around them. But, fortunately, the scriptwriter did not make us feel too helpless when we focused too much on the complex emotions.

Everything stopped at a sufficient level, increasing the spice for the story to run crime.

However, no matter how good they are, it is impossible to deny the fact that each character’s hands are bloody, not intentional. Being exposed to too many murders makes it impossible to separate from Annalize and live life as a student or as an ordinary person. Too many mistakes can not be repaired, only the way to cover up and continue to cover up. Will the needle ever come out?

Somehow, by some danger, as when things are about to be revealed, all eventually continue to gather, defending each other despite all.

Besides the impressive array of actors to the beat of the film with a lot of plot-twist. At the end of season 2 and from the beginning to the middle of season 3, there are some stretches of the movie that are stretched out to a length, to express the mood and circumstances of the character. But after those rehearsals, the rhythm of the movie back to the climax, always keep the audience breathless waiting for the next episode. If this is really the first time to watch this movie, I recommend you do not read any reviews that reveal the plot, it will not be fun anymore. Any plot that leads to plot-twist or new character, the old character is “treated beautiful” make the viewer as “sitting on the fire”.

Another impressive point with the movie is the voice. If you are not emotional enough, then you can hear the same rapper, especially when Annalize is in the courtroom. It is difficult to determine in detail whether the rules mentioned in the film are really true in real life. But again, if you look at the film to look at logic in the law or in the process of trial, run away sin, perhaps this is not the movie for you. Soundtrack also contributed to the success of the drama. Last season, the more the last episode, the more tension the situation, the more impressive the soundtrack.

Interesting plot, dramatic acting, dramatic lead … all make a How to Get Away with Murder can not be ignored. If you like criminals, criminals, especially those who like dramatic moments, fast paced movies, How To Get Away With Murder is the movie for you.

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