How I Met Your Mother – When the universe proves that the old lover is the most feared creature in the world

If you are a fan of European dramas, you can not know how I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). This is one of the best rom-com series, with a total of 208 episodes over the 9 seasons, HIMYM was nominated as well as honored with a series of big awards including the Emmy. The film has created a fever of fans, the fans even create the Assembly, the group is crazy about the film.

Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) calls his two children in the room to talk about his life but actually told him about his happy and mixed days. Your favorite is Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel), Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), Ted’s lightning strike Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), and their gatherings. MacLarens Bar. But the most important thing is the process that Ted has to go through in the process of finding the mother of the small (in the character is often called The Mother). In the process except for Robin out, Ted also experienced a lot of love to find The One of his life.

If only read the content, the film turned out to be too simple and boring, nothing to attract the audience but actually HIMYM is a work full of elements of humor, affection in a subtle way. is full of unexpected twist. In addition to the success of character building as well as the relationships of the main characters, the film became a favorite of many young people, including Vietnam.

Audiences hard to forget a young Mr. Ted love architecture or slander but not live but emotional and sincere, always believe in love; Barney, crap, like to do crazy things but really care about people; along with female reporter Robin beautiful, manly but also sentimental and feminine in a very personal way. And Marshall’s lawyer, whose body is a bit but gentle and weak, likes to protect the case, cares for the woman and the woman who loves the art but is small and intricate. Dangerous Lily. Both have created sweet love, lovely. The five of them, each with their own, a way of thinking but always stick together, caring and caring for each other as family members.

The film also succeeded in promoting the actors into bright faces, especially Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders. In addition to creating social trends such as Barney’s statements such as “True story”, “Legen … wait for it .. dary” … or symbols like Playbook, Brocode And audiences spent about nine years waiting to see The Mother as well as know whether the most beloved couple Barney and Robin have come together. But the last episodes of the series shocked them, even like throwing ice cubes when the rain stormed the face of the fans.

This article is not to praise, nor to stonewall, but to express a fan’s feelings for the film, especially the one that creates two opposite views of the film. For me, the ending was really sad because it was so real, as it proved that the old lover was the most feared creature in the world. The moment that Ted once again came to rob the green trumpet and ran to stand under the house Robin too impressed and too obsessed, it made me realize that the whole movie is not the process of finding his mother as How does he love Robin? It’s a hint to talk about old love and how they make you fall down, make your life change, make you blind and then become silly and risky. how. Yes, the ending is quite logical because the old lover is the past, everyone wants to forget, want to hide but Robin, Barney and Ted in some way always have a relationship with each other, It is possible to end them back together.

But what I urge most of the nine parts of the film is how the scriptwriter turns Robin from a beautiful, independent woman, powerful but also sentimental and loving, caring people into a very selfish . She comes to people for love and emotions but leaves them for their own ideals. Then run away and dissatisfied with the person whom he abandoned or traded for his selfishness to be happier than himself. This is Ted’s One? Is the girl that Barney left the game, even burned PlayBook to get his consent when he proposed?

The moments that Ted – Robin – Barney must go through to get together, leave each other and accept they do not belong together, then once again come together as a vicious cycle does not end. After watching this movie, I will definitely never become friends with my ex, just like Victoria (one of the ex-girlfriends) who talked to three of them will not come up with a tangled relationship. This girl, though she also fled the wedding day to return to Ted. It turns out the film is a wake-up call to all girls and boys in this world to be careful of their lover’s opposite sex, especially if they were former lover. Because it is a very dangerous relationship, it always waits to turn everything into a mess messed up blind at any time.

Besides, if the author really intended for Robin to return to Ted at the last minute, then all nine movies to find out what The Mother did, is too unfair to her when she has gone through a very sad love story with old friend to Ted, then happy yet not long she died. The fact that anyone has to move on after his beloved departs is normal, but it is important here that the Ted wants to come and go back, as well as all nine of them refer to as Robin. Sure, Robin was there, in Ted’s heart, he always remembered her, if Robin was not getting married to Barney then running away, would not The Mother really be the mother of the kids? Or did she become one of Ted’s other stops? Speaking of Barney, he was the most hurt in this mess, the scriptwriter who had fled from the end of the sixth and spent the last nine talking about his and Robin’s wedding. Fans have to expect and hope so much and then they finally make their favorite pair of divorced movies after 3 years in a note, just one note … All the effort, what Barney has chosen Pick and leave to go to Robin for what, what to do because the scriptwriter does not let them happy in the marriage is an episode.

Even during the 9th or earlier when Robin returned to Barney, she was always suspicious and worried about his relationship, even though she was trying to create an excuse to leave him. like finding the chain she buried in the park, or wondering to flee with Ted before the wedding. This proves her affection is not big enough, she does not really trust her lover … If so then she tried to marry Barney do. It was after all, better that the scriptwriter brought Ted and Robin back together, but not remember the existence of Barney. What the hell? It turns out that The Mother and Barney are just temporary in the lives of Ted and Robin after nine films, one is dead, the other is abandoned in a few minutes. I cried at the sight of Barney hugging her unborn daughter and expressing her love for her, shed tears and changed her way of life from there. I feel the whole life that Barney wants is to find someone who will be by my side, love me, just like that I will do everything, to trade everything, even change the child (what he had done with Robin before).

This is the eloquent proof of the universe (the god or spiritual symbol and the characters in the film often mentioned) that the old lover is the most feared creature in the world. So the lesson after watching my HIMYM is that if you do not want to be part of a mess or a temporary stop, it’s best not to become a close friend of your ex, or if your partner Old friends should be careful about their upcoming relationship.

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