Hotel Artemis: “Good service, dedicated staff, nostalgic design but you should be careful with your network!”

When you are familiar with the good-natured films that beat the bad guys, the justice is done and the happy ending, let’s turn the wind a bit with Hotel Artemis. A strange movie composed of all those “not so good”. The story of each character, together create a thrilling film circuit, the book from the beginning to the end in the narrow, closed space of the hotel Artemis – where only serve outlaws.

Set in the dark, chaotic atmosphere of Los Angeles in 2028, when water became scarce and the riots continued, resulting in criminal activity becoming rampant and out of control. After a robbery with the gang, the Sherman brothers were wounded and had to go to the Artemis Hotel to hide.
This is a very special place, looking like an old hotel with 20 years of age but actually a very modern field hospital for criminals recover after their missions. This unique hotel manager is Jean “The Nurse” Thomas (Jodie Foster) and healer Everest (Dave Bautista). Each guest will receive a personal alias in each room, as is the case with the Sherman brothers, Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown) and Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry).
In addition, Artemis also welcomed other guests during this busy evening as the Los Angeles wolf, Niagara (Jeff Goldblum), the assassin of Nice (Sofia Boutella), the arms dealer Acapulo (Charlie Day) a cop, Morgan (Jenny Slate). And when you give up all the bad guys with past big achievements in one place, you know what’s going to happen! Full of violence into chaos.

The film will make many people remember the golden age of the gangster film of the last century but is set in the future with a new way of talking. Unlike most modern works, the film incorporates many small stories, each character class will be introduced, describing their past and connecting with each other. The story of the executive here, The Nurse.

Set in the stifling atmosphere of Artemis’ darkness and fast-paced cinematic thrills, the film partially overwhelmed the audience in the first half as characters were introduced constantly and quickly through the lines of The flashbacks are short.

Each piece of the story is unbroken, the piece slowly filling the overall picture that director Drew Pearce wants to convey to the viewer. It’s a story about past traumas that affect people and their decision to close the past to the future, “stepping out is always harder than stepping in.”
With a quality cast at the Artemis Hotel, they did not have any obstacles to fulfill their roles in the most polished way. Although the script does not balance the story of each character, however, they still have a highlight for their role when interacting with Jodie Foster. With my experience, the veteran star is not difficult to express the emotions change constantly, in the long run, when the need, when filled with the enemy before the criminals, but also very painful, afraid to remember the pain of the past. As a nurse and hotel operator, Jean Thomas got a gold rating for quality, but inside, hidden under an old-fashioned music player, she was still a weak woman after the event.

The sound of the piece is quite good. As a matter of fact, the suspense is crisp and relaxed with the songs in Jean’s machine. Wearing a headset and the world will be different (The Militia’s Militia team likes this!). The film was also directed by a little care. At the beginning of the film, the hotel scene is shown in detail from the old-fashioned facilities for the brand has more than 20 years of age to flexible operations of Jean when housekeeping to welcome a guest. New, except that our ladies’ management of talent is not very decent.

At the end of the film, in scenes of violence, it does not seem smooth because of being cut off. This unnatural cut caused the final cut because of the story of many characters still unfinished. Hopefully in the future we will see the 18+ labeled works are more complete.

Nice says “I can not choose what I’m good at” but obviously I can choose what I want to see. With novel storytelling and context, the exotic Artemis Hotel can be a good choice for you to change the wind after the super hero block or rescue the dinosaurs running long.

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