Classic cartoon characters make millions of dollars in history

These characters have been associated with the childhood of many generations, not only left a deep impression in the hearts of the children that the filmmakers earn thanks to this money.

Let’s take a look at classic animators who made billions of dollars for filmmakers. These numbers are only relative because these characters will remain forever in the hearts of fans, and the numbers they bring will continue to increase in the future.

Pixar’s Dory ($ 1 billion)

Pixar’s appearance in Pixar’s Finding Nemo (2003), the character of Dory, captures the fondness of the fans by being honest but always absent-minded because of only short-term memory.

This character is so infamous that there is a whole section of the film and earn a firm number not small.

Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit ($ 1 billion)

Perhaps a lot of people are surprised when Disney’s animated children’s cartoon features a sexy, bold character like this.

The character Jessica Rabbit entered the list of 100 great characters on the film, with the reason: although the model’s appearance is spoiled sexy female character but Jessica Rabbit has a great personality.

This actress has brought to the high sales outside the box office also collected money advertising and selling character images.

Princess Anna and Elsa in the Queen of Ice ($ 1.87 billion)

Princess Elsa is the queen of Arendelle, Elsa is calm, reserved, elegant and regal, different from her sister Anna. The two princesses are contrary to each other, but all of them love each other.

This frozen sister has caused fever throughout the world for a long time and the money they lost is not small. In addition, the sale of DVDs and toys, clothing jewelry from these two characters brought a huge amount of money to the company.

Gru Character in the Moon Accelerator ($ 1.88 billion)

The star, with its unruly appearance, deformity and personality, was unveiled for the first time in the first season of Despicable Me in 2010. This character immediately made every fanatic around the world go wild. Children who also adults are “fascinated”.

This character brought to the producer the incredible sales.

Pixar’s Nemo ($ 2 billion)

The cute clown Nemo has been associated with the childhood of many audiences, with mythical but meaningful stories.

This fish has overcome many difficulties and challenges to realize their dreams, and also exceeds many record sales brought back to the giant amount of money.

Disney’s Scrooge McDuck ($ 2.1 billion)

Scrooge duck McDuck is a great fictional character of all time. He is adventurous, sophisticated, and has immense love for both money and his family.

This is the character that is considered the richest in the cartoon world, not only in the film but in the duck also brought a bunch of gold for the company.

Pixar’s Woody ($ 2.6 billion)

This character is almost the symbol of Pixar, this cute cowboy not only make money from the cartoon but also from the product play their own.

He made a small amount of money for the company, and became a solid monument in the hearts of fans.

Manny in Ice Age ($ 3.34 billion)

Ice Age is a cartoon brand that attracts audiences of all ages around the world. The film has a sense of humor, but it lurks on the meaning of friendship and family.

All these meanings revolve around the main character, the mammoth Manny, and of course the elephant has given the company a huge turnover.

Shrek’s DremWorks Animation ($ 3.92 billion)

With revenues from the release of five movies and sales of character images, DremWorks Animation has garnered the number that any studio desires.

Pooh bear ($ 5.6 billion)

Only simple images are as close to the Pooh character as your honey jar, Tigger, Gray Eeyore, Pink Piglet … that have inflicted fever on the global screen for a very long time.

The cute bear Pooh and his friends have earned billions of dollars for the company from unbelievable margins.

Disney character Mickey Mouse ($ 5.8 billion)

This is a Disney character, this mouse is present throughout Disney Land, and its movies, images, video games ….

Mickey mouse is a gold mine of the company that never exploited, is the image that no children in the world do not know.

Simba in The Lion King ($ 7.85 billion)

Simba is considered a character created during Disney’s renaissance, the lion is the main character in The Lion King – a movie that has attracted millions of spectators around the globe.

Of course, with the huge coverage of such a movie, the amount of money that the company can not earn.

The Simpsons ($ 12.9 billion)

Although not well known in Vietnam, this is the most influential and influential figure in America.

The Simpsons with Homer Simpson created the best-selling television show ever, with a much larger airtime on any TV show in the United States.

After nearly 30 seasons of release, the film continues and has no plans to stop, the amount of money the filmmakers earn from The Simpsons is a huge number and will continue to increase in the future.

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