Black Swan – When a play is supposed to be completed, forget the tragedy of real life

Launched in 2010, Black Swan (Impressionism Black) impressed the audience because of the content of social psychological issues. Based on the highly acclaimed Swan Lake play, director Darren Aronofsky and writer Mark Heyman, Andres Heinz, John J. McLaughlin painted a haunting tragedy for a ballet dancer desperate to enter. Swan Queen starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Barbara Hershey and Winona Ryder. Black Swan received five Academy Award nominations, four Golden Globe nominations, and Natalie Portman herself received an Oscar and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Nina Sayers role.

The film revolves around Nina’s hard work for Swan Queen, not only trying to perfect the ballet technique, Nina has to undergo a painful transformation from a naive girl Bright as a black swan full of dark desire. With such simple content, scriptwriters and directors have exploited the suffering of a deadly cast for the role as well as the dark side in healthy relationships. Nina. After all, no matter how bad Nina is, she is manipulated by others, but manipulation of herself is the biggest barrier. There is no need for a villain better than the main character.

Talking about Black Swan, the critics gave the film praise for elements such as acting, the hard work of the two female lead actresses Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, psychology, story or … the individual who rewrites the impression of how the character and individual development is compared with a specific image. To add a little bit of the play of the Swan Lake to the movie, instead of following so familiar content, this play is a struggle for the love of a swan-bound princess. Only true love can cure the curse for her, but the swan twin sister tries to seduce the prince and push her to death.

Nina was a great dancer with the techniques of pure beauty, obedient standards of a good daughter extremely suitable for the white vagina, fragility of the white swan. But if you want to shine and leave your mark on life, white shoulders are not enough, Nina needs to play the role of black swans – twin sister full of desire contrast completely with white swans and villages. her body. Therefore, Nina needs to break, completely shed, leaving the naive innocence that transformed into Swan Queen completely. Instead of showing the perfect technique to the rigid, Nina must learn to push the emotions, dark side of themselves more. With a girl who is protected by her mother like Nina, it is difficult for her to transform into another human being. Due to her inexperience with temptations and temptations, Nina gradually changes her life, the illusion of a black swan begins to invade her mind and culminates in her realizing her own self. Nina knows she is losing herself for a role.

Natalie Portman’s amazing performance made the audience forget that they were watching a movie that completely absorbed the psychological journey of Nina. Just a few minutes ago, the viewer was just a stiff girl who was easily manipulated by others, but when Nina stepped onto the stage in the form of a black swan, they all felt choking. with her step by step. You do not have to be too passionate about ballet, you are attracted to the swirling turns of the black swan. The moment Nina’s arm turns into swan wings, she actually exchanges and pays a good price for the cheers from the audience and co-workers.

Opposing to Nina Sayers is Lily played by Mila Kunis. Lily possesses a glamorous, nude charm that Nina never had. Lily knows what she wants and instead of taking on the role of Nina, Lily is the one who can arouse the instincts of her stiff colleagues. No one else, Lily is really the Black Swan in Nina’s life. Instead of scrambling for the prince’s love like the play, Lily sets off the burning passion of the burgeoning ballet in Nina. Although Nina always thinks that Lily is her role, but that is the motivation for Nina to be stripped. Lily is like a version that Nina aspires to become but never touches and self, the illusion of Nina’s dark side is Lily and vice versa. At the last minute, Nina hands kill that dark night but turns out to be Lily but eventually, it is still Nina itself.

In addition to Lily’s Black Swan, other characters are more or less influenced on Nina’s life or during rehearsals. Also prominent is the mother of The Queen. Who thinks a retired dancer dominates Nina so much? Even though my mother cares for her, she acts so overly protective that she does not blame Nina for being so ardent. Besides that is the play director Thomas The Gentleman, who always gives Nina a chance but pushes her to the brink of limit and impact her. If the swan was altered by the sorcerer, it was Thomas who pushed Nina to become the character she was. Although only a few short minutes, but the swan Dying Swan also less pressure to pressure Nina and confirmed the acting talent of actress Winona Ryder. Dying Swan’s star power stage model as the target of Nina’s life but also her own nightmare because at some point the audience forgets how good the actor was.
With the extraordinary storyline and great acting of the cast, each frame, the angle of rotation is full of mystery, the difference between the real and the background music emotionally contributed to the success of the Black Swan. If you have not watched the movie, the writer advised you to choose a quiet evening to enjoy and then ponder the life of Swan Queen Nina and she will follow you to sleep.

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