Avengers: Infinity War – 10 years for a happy ending

So the April blockbuster – Avengers: Infinity War has officially revealed. Conquering enough of the “Infinity Rock” as a good guide, witty labels, comedy interwoven … encapsulated in two and a half hours, Infinity War is the beginning of a really desirable end.

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In this film, viewers will follow the Avengers and their allies in a battle with the tyranny of misleading view of humanity – Thanos. This is an extremely powerful enemy, which has been behind many of the events in other movies, aiming to capture 6 Infinity Rock scattered across the universe, including more than one in Earth.

The Avengers are split into two parts, with the Infinity War being the first, setting the stage for the next movie, so nearly half the film is the events and details that surround the characters in the movie. The humor is pushed to the max! Do not scatter as in the previous movies, but for 5 to 10 minutes, you will be able to smile once. However, in my opinion, this is the intention of the filmmakers because in the next film is completely serious and bring a bit gloomy atmosphere (not to dark too).

Because of the need to split the land for many characters, the viewer may feel a bit long, not very familiar with the previous Marvel movies. Infinity War can be roughly referred to as a set of small, interrelated stories. It’s called grafting, but cutting scenes and good movies does not mean discrete. Each story is interesting in a separate way, especially when the Avengers, Wizards, Militia and Wakanda allies meet and express each other’s personalities.

The action of the film is not really satisfied. Quality is of course excellent, but what the film lacks is quantity. Some CGI sites are not really honest, however, in my opinion the details are quite small, not worth to underestimate what the film brings. The fights with Thanos, with the Black Order or the army “tze” was sent by Thanos conquest is still very good, the technique is extremely brandy.

Since it is a large collection of characters, it is not possible to clearly depict the details related to each person. The movie is a bit more focused on the characters involved in the big event. The main characters, however, still have their own shining moments. While Captain America is on the prowl, Doctor Strange has the magic, Thor appears to show the power of a god, and Spider-Man rescues him … received a lot of applause from the audience.

Black Order on the dice! “Important still is the gods,” among the characters of the Black Order, the most impressive is the mention of Ebony Maw. However, the screen is short and the end for these characters can not satisfy the audience fastidious. Contrary to many people’s prediction, destroying the Black Order does not rely on the strength of the buffed characters as one would expect in previous Marvel movies, but will rely on masses or wits. Unfortunately, these characters have not shown all their cool, they have to open! (*cry*).

The music of the film is not very unique, but in return the theme of the film is quite nice, add to the epicness of the film for the full. Actually, I think it is good to do, insert many songs that the audience has heard, because busy watching the movie and then the picture and content is gone for example! Repeating a song will make the film air permeability more and more.

The weakness of the film, depending on the feelings of each person will always be present. However, in general, this is still an excellent film. 10 years, despite many followers or haters, we can not deny the efforts and talents of the filmmakers have created the brand of this very successful cinema universe. A decade in the footsteps of people, now seen in the same frame, fighting together or make difficult choices, making longtime viewers feel very strange, very special. Bad movie is the feeling of each person, but for me, this is still the perfect movie.

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