Annihilation: Natalie Portman and the first journey to conquer the land of evil

After nearly a year on the big screen, the “black swan” Natalia Portman returns with her starring role in the movie Annihilation, which is expected to follow her “Ex Machina” I continue to bring the experience of visual vision.

In Annihilation, Natalie Portman will play a biologist, a member of the exploration team of five scientists who explore a mysterious area to find answers to the bizarre illness that her husband had. After coming back from here.

On a mysterious background music video, the film trailer opens with Natalie Portman and his associates decide to leave the government base to enter the fantasy world. Above the land covered by clouds, under thick thick layers of mysterious strange. And as they walk through the plasma wall, they come to an entirely new world where plants and animals are shaped differently from the outside world.

According to Lena’s recollections, the mysterious world opens with strange things that no one could have imagined with its waterways, diverse vegetation, white deer with horn-like flowers. It seems only in the legend … and even dry skeletons lined up on the sand, signaling there will be countless dangerous things waiting here.

While this new land contains many great questions for scientists, there is one thing that everyone can assert is the existence of a mysterious force that can be life threatening. Of the trotters “miss footsteps” into the forbidden land at any time.

The annihilation of Jeff VanderMeer’s best-selling novel Southern Reach is composed of three parts: Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance. Then was directed by Alex Garland who is famous for his successful film Ex Machina selection of works to pen writing scripts and directed for this film.

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