A Quiet Place – Go light, speak softly, laugh but graceful scary to the spines

After the movie mute, it took a long time for audiences to enjoy a less animated movie but so attractive.

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Speaking of horror films, audiences will often think of horrifying images, loud sounds and unexpected surprises. But A Quiet Place is different, in addition to many times the audience will be “exhausted” by the jump out suddenly, the film also scared viewers clinging to the chair in the silent field of the core According to the criteria “go light, speak quietly, laugh gracefully”.

Opened with a dark, silent atmosphere, the film’s color is not dark but A Quiet Place has ingeniously introduced to the viewer a post-world world where people are struggling each day to survive. Subsequently, the film appealed to the audience with a major incident, so that it affected and stretched throughout the film. With just one hour and 30 minutes, the film showed that people can only live up to the criteria of “Go light, speak softly” and finally “laughed” because the whole movie is scary, only At the end of the film people laughed with a sigh of relief at the end of the film.

Speaking of content, A Quiet Place is a very strange and strange film. Strange because the film goes in the direction of building a horror film, but the less the noise, the better, because the film in that direction but succeed and create a new, outstanding creativity. To say that there has never been a silent method for fear is not right, because Do not Breathe (2016) has done this, but Silent Land is a quintessential version. and upgraded more vigorously. The plot is simple, easy to guess and if you look closely you will guess the next move, but the film itself is so attractive, making the audience breath only watching each scene. Most importantly, the big details that led to the film’s knot were well arranged, though the latter was fast-paced, but did not make the audience feel superficial, over the loudspeaker. otherwise meet their exact needs to be scared.

The fear factor in the film comes from a variety of sources, from the threatening image, gnarled sound, scary movie soundtrack, even when the film does not sound any new when the viewer only know “hard bending “waiting for the next episode. However, it must be said that the film is abusive of the “jump scare” factor when the first half of the movie is just a bit scary, and the second half is continuous, emphasizing “continuous” not to the audience. Breathe if attentive. And the most distinctive feature of Silent Land is the way to create a silent, silent, scary, essential atmosphere that every horror film should have. To say that the film has less sound is not so good because only a few voices are caused by the character and the soundtrack is still inserted, but the silent scenes of the movie must call for the money bowl. If you do not try this once in a lifetime, you will not know how exciting the movie is.

Shaping monsters is an indispensable bright spot of the movie. Initially, the film only let the viewer see the shape of the monster, the more after seeing the day is clearer, the fear is gradually increasing without reducing. If you look at it, the silent monster in A Quiet Place is quite similar to many movies, but its head clearly has the slightest investment in visualization to look both impressive and terrifying enough. The sound of the monster is well done, each time it appears, whether seen or not, still makes the viewer jerked at the speed and sound, overwhelmed with horror. Unfortunately, the film has yet to explain the specifics of why they came out and how to defeat them, which may be questions answered in the second episode.

Although the film has a low budget but the cast of A Quiet Place has been extremely talented. Only actress Emily Blunt showed the film is worth watching, all because of her honest acting, lips, lips biting tightly compressed face to look just enough to feel the The fears of the characters all look as if Emily was the one who suffered, not the character. It’s the same actor John Krasinski, who perfectly displays the role of father-son, strong and defenseless to protect his children. There are many scenes, when looking at each facet in John Krasinski’s face, the viewer found in it is the love for wife infinity. In particular, the film also has the participation of actress Millicent Simmonds, although there are physical defects but what she expressed is excellent for a child actor debut

In general, A Quiet Place is a great weekend entertainment option. Although there are a few holes in the script but the motif “Go light, talk softly, laughing grace” create calm atmosphere is a scary thing to experience.

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