8 unreasonable thing about Winter Soldier – the adventures of the “sailors” Captain America

Not every comic character has received the praise and achieved great commercial success such as Bucky Barnes or Winter Soldier “Winter Warrior”. However, the father of the guy can not deny the logic of this character.

Bucky / Winter Soldier became more popular in the overall success of the Marvel Cinema Universe. The relationship between Steve and Bucky is even sublimated on screen thanks to the wonderful interaction between actor Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans. That made many viewers believe that, actually between the two close friends there is more than what is called friendship. Bucky makes the audience love the story of a difficult and deep life, the fans lovingly call him “baby plum” for a scene where he lost amnesia to the market … buy plum, Then the runners lost their sandals.

But here we do not take the time to talk about the affinity that has been praised so much. We are here to “investigate” the story of the Winter Soldier with many unreasonable. Most of them took place in the Golden Age (the era of American comic book explosions from the 1930s to the 1950s) with many pens ignoring logic in the plot.

1. Initially only a hired hand behind the super hero

Since its debut in Captain America (1941), Bucky Barnes has never been considered a “star potential” character. He does not even own a series.
In the first story, Bucky is just an orphan who joins the army and is loved by many soldiers in the camp. He was created with the sole purpose of living in the shadow of Captain America and doing unnamed cleanup work. Bucky will be the protector of Cap from behind, replacing him with “dirty” battles to ensure the beautiful captain of the United States. Getting a young assistant to do “underground” jobs would not be a good thing in today’s world.

It only changed when Ed Brubaker decided to bring this character back in 2005. Since the decision to “revive” Golden Age Bucky became the Winter Soldier, he added several new details to make him become a close. transcendent and a story more compassionate past.

2. The conflict between the old and the new

No matter what the author tries to do, there are times when the old version of the character can not match the new version. With Winter Soldier, Brubaker decided to make Bucky a top warrior from the start. He is a masters of martial arts martial arts, trained and experienced in combat at an early age.

This is not the same as the stories of Bucky written during World War II. When Red Skull kidnaps and brainwashes Cap in Invanders # 5, he ignores Bucky because he thinks he’s just a useless kid, not worth the look. The story of Captain America in the 1940s is not an adventure story between Cap and Bucky.

3. Take the name “ghost assassin” but leave traces everywhere

Superhero stories always have problems in building the killer image. The security of the identity of the assassins in the end is just a game of “cat and mouse” to the heroes soon discover and kill neat.

When Captain America first hears about the Winter Soldier, he knows this is just an urban legend – no one is sure whether the killer exists or not. But the statistics of the victims killed by Winter Soldier is not evidence that he is “real” there ”

On screen, Winter Soldier is identified as “ghost” – the threat from the dark and hidden escape show. But because it does not fit the style of the MCU, the ghost always leaves a series of explosions and destruction in the places they pass.

4. Bucky hardly survives to become a Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers survive when frozen by the serpent’s serum. Instead of dying in the frost as an everyday person, he just sank into a sleep after decades. What about Bucky – a normal person without serum?

When the Russians found Bucky, his body had no life. But then they preserve him in ice and even, bring him a second life. Preserving someone while they are breathing is completely different than freezing a corpse. Of course, this is just one episode that can be explained by the miracle science in comics. But it’s worth listing as a “goblin” in the Winter Soldier story.

5. No one believes Bucky and Bucky Barnes are the same person

We used to laugh Lois because we never realized Superman is just Clark Kent version without glasses. But in MCU, people are “more confident” than Lois.

Almost no one noticed Bucky’s day with Steve Rogers was the same Bucky with Captain America everywhere. And Bucky only carries a tiny mask around his eyes. With comic-book authors living in the Golden Era, this simple camouflage is very popular with no one considering the rationale. Luckily, Marvel did not hide the face of Sebastian in a Zorro mask.

6. Black Panther turns Bucky into a White Wolf

When we meet Bucky in the Avengers: Infinity War, he’s in Wakanda and brings a new nickname, White Wolf. In comics, this character is the leader of the powerful African national intelligence.

But the question is, why does Wakanda need or want a foreigner to hold that position? Not to mention the Winter Soldier is not like a spy master – he’s just a warrior. And if that was the new superhero name of this character, why not choose a name more specific African? Wolf is not a famous animal in the United States. And the name “Bucky” is not enough.

7. Russian killer with the name of the United States full of patriotic

In the process of replicating the new Winter Soldier identifier for Bucky, Ed Brubaker refers to an American symbol. He admired the 18th-century patriot Thomas Paine, author of The American Crisis, was born in the American Revolution with the famous phrase “summer warrior and patriotic sun” (praising the Farmers participate in fighting in the summer and fall in the harvest. Veterans who opposed the Vietnam War later called themselves “winter warriors”, in contrast to Paine’s description.

However, the name Winter Soldier has nothing to do with American history. He is a creative product of the Russians. Brubaker later rationalized that the Russians chose the name by explaining that Bucky was an assassin during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. And the Russians froze Bucky for a long time. What a coincidence. But if so, Iceman would be a more reasonable choice, even if it was never considered.

8. The “transfer of Captain America” ​​from Steve Rogers to Bucky

After Captain America finished the Civil War in the comics, Bucky received two things. One is the shield and replaces Steve Rogers’s place. Second is the letter that Steve asked Tony – whom Bucky always considered the cause of civil war – handed him. Steve does not want revenge, he wants Bucky to become the new Captain America and Tony is giving Bucky his shield. This is only reasonable if it is … Batman.

Because Captain America was a government spy, working under the federal government – the idea that he needed to register with the Civil War government was unconvincing. Steve can not simply give his shield and title to Bucky as a family continuation.

Currently, Bucky is one of the most popular characters in MCU. The popularity of this character must be something that the authors who created him during the Golden Age did not think of. The story of this killer, cold-hearted killer is a testament to the fact that any comic book character can shine if properly constructed.

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