8 excellent animated short films for the movie … lazy plow movie

No plot is too complicated, nor the famous actors, the short animated short below are enough to make the movie mesmerize masturbation.

The list of the eight best-selling Oscar-winning shorts below will give you another perspective: the cartoon is not just for kids, it’s also a deep story for everyone. “childish” under a more creative lens.

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1. Dear Basketball – Kobe Bryant, Glen Keane (2018)

The film is about a boy’s passion for basketball, with a narrative inspired by a poem written by Kobe Bryant superstar.

8 excellent animated short films for the movie ... lazy plow movie

“As a basketball player, many people still think that we should just shut up and play football, so I’m proud of myself,” Kobe said. was able to do something beyond the basketball limit. ” From his own story, Kobe wants to send message to viewers about breaking the boundaries with passion and perseverance to reach the dream.

2. Piper – Alan Barillaro, Marc Sondheimer (2017)

The inspiration for the six-minute-long film stems from a time when director Allan Barillaro stumbled across the actions of a small bird living on the shores of Emeryville, California, about one mile from Pixar Studios.

8 excellent animated short films for the movie ... lazy plow movie

Sharing the message of Piper on the beach, the director commented, “We humans are easy to live in a safe environment with us, but when we are in a place where we are not. We are very similar to the little birds on the beach. ”

Piper’s story inspires self-reliance, helping children learn how to observe the little things around them in order to be self-sufficient. At the same time, the film also reminds viewers of the perspective of creativity: always looking at everything with the eyes of children.

3. Bear Story – Gabriel Osorio, Pato Escala Pierart (2016)

Bear Story, directed by Gabriel Osorio, is inspired by the story of his grandfather: “My grandfather was arrested in 1973 in the Pinochet dictatorship of Chile. He was detained for two years, then he fled. to England and forced to live in exile, away from his family.In childhood, I always felt his invisible presence – a dear life, but not in my life. ”

8 excellent animated short films for the movie ... lazy plow movie

The classic steampunk movie is dreamy with images reminiscent of a distant memory in the circus arcade, a square window filled with light or a beautiful ice cream car that drifts along the dots. Small sparkling light, bringing the feeling of both magical and sad man.

4. Feast – Patrick Osborne, Kristina Reed (2015)

The film tells the story of a Boston-like puppy wandering in the street eating at the landfill. The puppy was a good guy – James – conceived and named Winston.

8 excellent animated short films for the movie ... lazy plow movie

James met a girl named Kirby but soon broke up. Winston decides to find Kirby by following the parsley she had before feeding him and leading

James to meet the girl. Thanks to the clever little dog, they both got married and got married right after.
Feast is made possible through the Meander system, which was developed for the Paperman short. In addition, the movie is also used Hyperion, rendering system built for the movie Big Hero 6.

5. Mr. Hublot – Alexandre Espigares, Laurent Witz (2014)

Mr Hublot is about a man named Hublot and his little dog, both living in a small apartment in a crowded steampunk city. Hublot wears glasses and has a counter like a watch on his forehead.

8 excellent animated short films for the movie ... lazy plow movie

The graphics in Mr Hublot are meticulously crafted in every scene and character, combined with rich human content and catchy music that has earned the film the prestigious Academy Award.

6. Paperman – Walt Disney Animation Studios, John Kahrs (2013)

The lonely old days in New York inspire director John Kahrs to perform Paperman. It was a black and white New York of the 1940s and poetic but also very lonely.

8 excellent animated short films for the movie ... lazy plow movie

The film begins with a scene in a train station, in a windy day, an office worker suddenly encounters a very cute girl made him confused. But the girl quickly disappeared, leaving no information but a lipstick accidentally printed on the paper as a kiss goodbye.

Paperman is reminiscent of regrets from unproductive encounters, from beautiful people who never met again and the opportunities lost in life.

7. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore – Moonbot Studios, William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg (2012)

The film is a fast-paced story, a violent storm swept across the city and devastated everything, flying away books, carrying priceless letters. Even if Morris Lessmore tried his best to protect his beloved book, it was useless.

8 excellent animated short films for the movie ... lazy plow movie

Later, Morris Lessmore wandered into a mysterious library. There, he encounters surprises with exotic living books that make Morris again find the color of life and inspiration for the pen.

The film is especially suited to those … books by classic graphics and the sense of being well integrated into the movie.

8. The Lost Thing – Passion Pictures Animation, Shaun Tan, Andrew Ruhemann (2011)

The Lost Thing is a movie with a strange, somewhat bizarre and explosive plot. Humans with long faces, eyes always looking down, mouths do not laugh, make the perfect appearance of society is not much concern and love.

8 excellent animated short films for the movie ... lazy plow movie

Have you ever remembered an old thing / story / old man that you dropped somewhere in the adult memory area? If so, this short film is for you, with emotions that can not be expressed in words.

Every cartoon in the list of the eight films is only about 5-15 minutes, but contains the story, the life lessons have “huge” capacity. What is the movie you enjoy most when enjoying?

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