7 things you need to know about Pacific Rim 2 blockbuster

After the very successful first film in 2013, the Pacific Superannum has been given the green light for the sequel, after many delays. Bigger and more satisfying than what’s expected of the Pacific Rim: Uprising. But before going to theaters to enjoy one of the blockbusters in March, Moveek invites you to go through the most important things to know, to be able to enjoy the movie in full integrity.

1. Part 1 of the film was directed by the Oscar-winning 2018 staged

Yes, who was named in the category of best director of the Oscar 2018 – Guillermo Del Toro with the film The Shape Of Water is the man who staged part 1 of the Pacific Rim. From its original plot, Travis Beacham and Toro make a compelling scenario, revolving around the battle of the human-driven Jaeger and the giant monster Kaiju.

Beacham said the idea flourished after the joint project of two Killing on Carnival Row was canceled. While walking around a river, he suddenly pops up a robotic image of a lost one with a giant monster. This is one of the biggest grossing films of director Del Toro. Del Toro’s professionalism and vision during filming made Pacific Rim so popular. Not only did he play a major role in the production, he also controlled production so that everything went in the right direction. However, to part 2, he will give up the main direction for Steven S. DeKnight and just take over the production.

This is an opportunity but also a big challenge for Steven S. DeKnight, because no one wants to be compared to his predecessor. Nevertheless, being compared to Del Toro is difficult to avoid. DeKnight was behind the Sailor Hero television series Spartacus, as well as the Marvel Daredevil and Smallville series.

DeKnight is also a person who is attached to the classic Kaiju of Japan. Screenplay part 2 by him with the team “powerful” Emily Carmichael, Kira Snyder, T.S. Nowlin developed from the head of his predecessor for two years. So, we have a reason to hope this will be the next film also epic and epic part no less.

2. Robots and monsters in the Pacific Rim are very distinct

Movies about robots or monsters from buildings are not rare. Before Pacific Rim, we have seen the super transformational robot in the Transformers movie series of Michael Bay, giant monster Godzilla in the film brand name, King Kong …

In the filmmaking process, Del Toro has never consulted the robot models, monsters before, to be able to completely create the most distinctive and unique pattern. He always reminded the designers to use all their creativity and was not allowed to take pictures of movies like Godzilla as a source of inspiration. Thus the work was born with new breath and bold creativity to hysteria.

3. The Kaiju will be much smarter than the first

Kaiju comes in Japanese, which means strange monsters, a genre of monsters often appear giant attacks on Japanese cities. This genre was later heavily influenced by Hollywood, and as a result we have films like Godzilla. Kaiju species that are created can carry all kinds of shapes, abilities and designs … In the Pacific Rim, the Kaiju are inspired by animals on Earth such as insects, crustaceans … are “improved” More to look like alien creatures.

Go to part 2, due to the plot that the Kaiju will not appear immediately. The level of evolution and development will make them smarter, aggressive and harder to beat. Their goal is not to change, to destroy mankind.

4. But do not worry, the giant robots will also be upgraded to deal

Along with the evolution of the Kaiju, the giant robot Jaeger will also be developed. Set in the 10 years after the first part, science and technology of mankind has been constantly improved. Jaeger is inspired by modern fighters who use human thoughts to manipulate in the real world. In the movie, a total of about 5 Jaeger is used.

Each country owns a Jaeger piloted by two pilots, including American Gipsy Danger, Australia’s Striker Eureka, Russia’s Cherno Alpha, China’s Crimson Typhoon, and Coyote Tango. In particular, Gipsy Danger is the main Jaeger, first invented, bold American image and also Jaeger kill the most Kaiju, by Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam) and Yancy Beckett (Diego Klattenhoff) control, later is Raleigh and Mako Mori (Rinko Kinkushi).

In the second part, Gipsy Danger was developed, renamed Gipsy Avenger Jaeger, and features such as LCDs, holograms, gravity sliders, neural connections and a smoother mind. This time, Jaeger of America will be led by two new characters Jake Pentecost and Lambert.
The other robots will also be improved in terms of visuals as well as ability, slimmer and much stronger.

5. Actor “beautiful handsome boy” includes all new faces

New faces include John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi) as Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) ), Scott Eastwood (Suicide Squad) plays Lambert. The main cast of the film belonged to actress / singer Cailee Spaeny as Amara. In addition, Pacific Rim: Uprising will also feature actress True Detective – Adria Arjona.

With the Chinese market becoming increasingly influential in Hollywood movie sales, plus the holdings of Pacific Rim 2, a large presence of faces from the country will continue. be promoted. In addition to the face stoned in The Great Wall and King Kong: Skull Island, also known as the “box office poison” scene, the film also recruited the actor of Ip Man 3 Truong Tan, Not to mention other new faces such as Hoang Khai Kiet, Cat Le, Lam Doanh Anh … Hope Chinese market can save revenue for the film if part 2 missed the flop flopped face.

Rinko Kikuchi (Mako Mori), Charlie Day (Dr. Newt Geiszler) and Burn Gorman (Dr. Gottlieb) will all come back. Mako Mori will be the key character, contributing to gather a younger generation to drive the Jaeger. However, the main man part 1 Charlie Hunnam (Raleigh Becket) was unable to continue to participate as expected by the fans.

6. The fate of the Pacific Rim: Uprising will decide the end for the Hellboy triology

Appreciated in terms of visuals and art, but unfortunately, the Reds did not do well in the revenue segment. After the first two films, Del Toro wanted to make a third film to complete a Hellology triology. Unfortunately, the numbers on the chart did not please the producers, and they are still awaiting the end of Pacific Rim: Uprising to make the final decision. He is putting a lot of hope into this movie, and if it’s really successful, Hellboy fans can continue to see the three Reds finished.

The Hellboy brand has also confirmed that a reboot will be available in 2019.

7. After many times postponed the screening, “Thank you,” the movie is about to open theaters!

Pacific Rim: Uprising is one of the most promising films ever released.

The film is scheduled to air in 2015 and will be released on April 7, 2017, followed by a few days, due out on April 4, 2017. But by 2015, panic and have to start filming in 2016 and 2018 to launch fans.

The release date is February 23, 2018, but will continue to be on schedule until March 23. Hopefully this time, we can wholeheartedly look forward to the release date without further disappointment. Anyway.

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