4 general aspects of the appearance of the evil people on film: First there is no nose!

If someone says “look like a villain” then they say that’s true, because of the many evil people who appear on the screen, many of the guys with the same characteristics are very easy to recognize.

Making bad guys is not hard, even if you do not possess any muscle strength. In the case of cleverness, there is no point at all, at least you can disguise yourself as an evil man with countless tricks by the end, the appearance of the criminals always having some similarities. full of “obsession”:

1. It was antagonistic … there was no nose

From Ebony Maw minions, Venom parasites, the Red Skull to the Dark Lord Voldemort, Ultron and Captain Davy Jones, the bad guys see the deal as evil and the good nose. Not really not important.

2. Forgetting brushing for a few days is going to have a standard level of evil

Toothpaste and mouthwash brands should focus on exploiting these potential customers. Actually, looking at the teeth of these bad guys is scary, but do not say to stand next to hear them say.

3. Adulterers have to have monster skin

It seems that the evil people forget that it must be beautiful first, then do bad things are forgiven. From ancient villains like Freddy Krueger, the wicked blue wizard of Oz to his nowadays sweet potato, no one is drawn to take care of his face. Each film comes out on a film like that is hit by the wind. Red, purple, yellow, any color.

Not only the skin color different people, the evil also makes the audience have wrong perception of the scar. Many antique screens have terrible scars on their faces. It’s time for the filmmakers to stop scarring their criminals: not everyone who is scared is a bad guy!

4. The human hair is the corner: broken teeth, even damaged hair!

What the hell is Hollywood? Lex Luther on film always starts with a hairy man, then shaved. Voldemort had to fight with Albus Dumbledore’s whiskers. Darth Vader from a handsome, smooth-haired young man who follows the Dark Side as well as the White Stripes immediately. We have not even mentioned a hairy army in Mad Max: Fury Road, but only male lead Tom Hardy is still hair. Speaking of Tom Hardy, he also had to shave his head to fight Batman.

Actually, the screen savers need to take care of their faces better than the audience will be able to sympathize!

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