20 strange facts that only gulag fans know about the green giant Hulk

Besides the extraordinary health, little one knows the blue giant “The Hulk” also owns the ability to heal but no less monstrous.

A superhero of the Marvel universe, The Hulk is a failed experiment to recreate the super-warrior serum. Over-confidence in self-efficacy, Bruce Banner, PhD has used himself as an experimentator and directly absorbed gamma rays.

Even though he escaped death, Banner gradually discovered another personality that began to exist within himself. He possesses tremendous power and innumerable abilities far beyond the normal physical limits. That is the source of the green giant The Hulk. Although there are familiar faces, but there are still secrets of the body of the Hulk that even fans “hard” is not sure.

1. No need for oxygen to breathe

Some comic books have proven that blue giants do not care for oxygen to survive in harsh conditions, including fighting at the bottom of the ocean or the vacuum environment in outer space.

Explaining the extraordinary endurance of The Hulk, director of the eye Nick Fury has revealed: the giant itself can “mutate” to adapt to the circumstances surrounding.

And Dr. Bruce Banner’s analysis is more thorough, The Hulk’s body has a gland that releases the “emulsion” that transports Perfluorocarbon oxygen, which helps him maintain pressure in the lungs and does not have to worry about gas. decompression or nitrogen narcosis.

2. The motivation for Mark Ruffalo to sign

When Mark Ruffalo took on the role of Bruce Banner / The Hulk, his first concern was his appearance. According to the comic, thanks to a healthy diet combined with yoga meditation exercises to make the The Hulk personality, the Banner possesses a lean but supple body. So, Ruffalo had to give up eating habits and start strict diets throughout the month. For three consecutive weeks, he was only allowed one meal or two servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Ruffalo is also banned from all dairy products, meat, sweets and stimulants.

3. The legs are too strong

Hugely, The Hulk can run faster than ordinary people many times thanks to extremely muscular muscular mass. But if you want to suddenly change the direction of travel, the higher the speed, the easier it will be to lose control. Therefore, The Hulk in the MCU movies often use jumps to reach the target, instead of having to work on the run.

4. Super-durable, fire resistant

In the comic book The Irredeemable Ant-Man 10, the third-generation Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady, has encountered the green giant. Realizing that he was not fit enough to fight him, Grady decided to shrink his body and slip into The Hulk’s mouth. Nearly breaking his arm after attempting to break through the giant’s stomach with fists, Grady plans to spray the The Hulk’s smoke from inside. Surprisingly, he was still not astable.

5. Super heroes carry the belly

The funny thing is that not everyone knows, while Mark Ruffalo is trying to lose weight to become Dr. Bruce Banner, then Joss Whedon does not like to see any superhero that only “lean with lean ” He wanted to create The Hulk similar to the old TV version, and own the same natural skin. Meeting the requirements of the director, Industrial Light and Magic, a unit of CGI effects and effects for the Avengers 2012, gave The Hulk fat belly fat.

6. The whisper of ghosts

In the Marvel comics world, rare characters who do not know how to use magic, but can detect and … talk with the same spiritual entity as The Hulk. Interestingly, this power is derived from childhood obsessive childhood Banner. Continuously abused by his father Brian Banner, his subconscious mind is always afraid that he will return and continue to abuse his abusive behavior, even if Brian has been “down the hole” long ago. Thus, the new Hulk gradually formed the defensive mechanism on. It even helped the giant to interact with Doctor Strange while the witch was in a state of death.

7. Super fast recovery with Deadpool

In addition to the level of “buffalo”, The Hulk also holds the ability to heal wounds in lightning. That made him even more scary on the battlefield than ever. For example, the Incredible Hulk number 398, The Hulk must face the Vector villain. Despite being beaten to death, to the point of ripping off the green skin, the giants took only a few minutes to recover to their original state, as if nothing had ever happened.

8. Face The Hulk through movie parts

In 2012, director Joss Whedon suggested that Industrial Light and Magic be paying attention to the character of The Hulk, so that viewers can easily see the shadow of actor Mark Ruffalo behind a number of techniques, “especially around the eyes “. To do this, the CGI team needs to gather a lot of body movement data from the actor. They take Ruffalo to a special room, asking him to mimic the action scenes as if he were The Hulk, then record Ruffalo’s entire facial expressions.

9. The heavier the stress, the more heal

At present, the majority of film viewers are mistakenly thought: every time Bruce Banner does not control the anger, he will turn into green giant. However, the truth is, the personality of the Hulk is always stirring at any time he feels sad, depressed or emotional. Also, as the level of stress escalates, the amount of adrenaline secreted in The Hulk will quickly give him a significant boost in strength. Therefore, the longer the fight with The Hulk only makes the opportunity to knock him away.

10. The clapping of the earthquake

For the comic fan community, Thunderclap is one of the most beautifully crafted The Hulk. In addition to the ability to create powerful whirlwinds can swept away the enemy and cause high damage, Thunderclap also enough to extinguish the big fire. In The Incredible Hulk (2008), he has also used the technique to extinguish the fire. To be more frightened, if the fool is close to where the Hulk claps, the enemy and allies of the Hulk will be deafened by the sound is too loud.

Known as the “force” specializing in the “hands” in the Avengers team, the Hulk proved his power through the landslide. However, what is revealed here is only half of the interesting secrets will continue to be in the sequel to the green guy this muscle.

11. Different colors, different capacities

In addition to the famous green color, The Hulk is also known in red and gray versions. Normally, Red Hulk (Thaddeus Ross) possesses strength and speed superior to the Green Hulk. However, unlike his friend the blue skin will become stronger when angry, if the fight for so long, high body temperature will cause Red Hulk reduced combat ability. He can only increase his power by absorbing all kinds of radiation, from gamma rays to cosmic rays. It is scary, the Red Hulk has not lost consciousness during the giant incarnation. Thus, he is always listed as a tough opponent in Marvel comic.

In contrast, the Gray Hulk is a wicked, cunning personality hiding inside Bruce Banner. Interesting that the original “holy” comic Stan Lee wanted The Hulk gray. But due to the ink problem that day, he was changed to green color today. These two big names often struggle to gain control of the doctor’s mind. Though physically inferior to his co-worker, the Gray Hulk is more discerning and mentally calm.

12. Immune control mental intelligence

Regardless of the MCU, based on the comic principle, even the most exuberant psychic abilities such as Professor X are not strong enough to “read the brain” The Hulk. To explain the phenomenon, some hypotheses suggest that: because the giant mind exists so many crazy personality outside Bruce Banner with Green Hulk, the need to control and control them all at the same time. The point is impossible.

13. The world’s most beautiful compass

From the time of The Hulk, Banner had always been able to pinpoint where he had been in a coma before, no matter where he was, even in other dimensions. At times, just based on pure instinct, The Hulk was able to track down anyone. For example, the comic series The Incredible Hulk Vol. 2, because of the indignity of Abomination’s murderous hands to kill his wife, Banner quickly poked his hiding place on the bottom of a lake.

14. The skin is hard to penetrate

Briefly, except for the rare adamantium, there is no weapon on earth that causes The Hulk to fall into the “pebbles”. It allows him to withstand most of the physical impact from bullets, mines, missiles, atomic bombs to the destructive tactics of high-ranking villains. In addition, the skin is so persistent that, thanks to it, the Hulk is not affected by temperature or pressure factors in all environmental conditions.

15. The monster never sleeps

As mentioned above, there are many chaotic personalities staying in Bruce Banner / The Hulk’s head. There was a time when Banner won the rest of the crowd and took full control of himself. It allows him to transform into a giant but without losing his mind. However, when returning to normal shape, Banner will feel the body exhausted exhausted. According to The Incredible Hulk comic book 275, he must earn food immediately to make up for his energy after using The Hulk. Banner commented that the Hulk’s anger helped him to stay active for several weeks without having to touch food or sleep.

16. Blood drops heal all wounds

Restore speed, not too surprised if the blood of the giants also own the same “miracle”. At Planet Hulk, The Hulk uses his blood to re-create the desolate planet Sakaar. This made him resident here devotee like the holy life. But the classic example of that power is the lawyer Jennifer Walters, cousin Bruce Banner. After she was shot and fell into a critical condition, Banner reluctantly gave blood to save people. Thanks to that, Jennifer not only quickly recovered but also became She-Hulk female.

17. Never feel tired

If we are active for a long time, the body will secretly produce “toxins” that create feelings of fatigue. Depending on the physiological, health conditions in each individual, the speed of production will be fast or slow. The Hulk is different, because it can inhibit these kinds of “toxins”, so he is not afraid of the double-edged sword stretching for days.

18. Resistance to all diseases in the world

In addition to the ability to recover plus the strength of the “buffalo”, The Hulk is immune to both infectious diseases and viruses, including HIV. In The Incredible Hulk # 388, while attending a charity event, Jim Hulk’s former partner, Jim Wilson, is struggling with a century-old illness that was hit by a Speedfreek assassin. In order to limit the possibility of transmitting the HIV virus from Jim to the innocent, Bruce Banner transforms into The Hulk identity and takes him to the hospital for treatment in time.

19. Do not puncture forever

For the martial arts maniac, the eyes are always one of the deadly weaknesses. However, do not be foolish to apply it to The Hulk, because he will laugh at you. According to The Incredible Hulk # 207, the Valkyrie warrior used the Dragonfang sword to cut the Hulk. Of course, he still stood impolite, rounded eyes full of challenge. The funny thing is, the Hulk then tried to break the sword for it but failed.

20. The destroyer is immortal

The Avengers 684 has officially acknowledged The Hulk as immortal, and that is the nature of the blue superhero since he was first introduced in 1962. In his interview with CBR, Al Ewing shared the decision: this idea stems from the fact that The Hulk has revived many times in the past. He also explained that the story of Bruce Banner carrying the gamma bomb and transforming into a giant was “the first hint of the immortality of The Hulk.”
So far, the Hulk is certainly one of the most heinous superheroes in the Marvel comics ever put on the big screen. Although not a separate movie (due to the copyright of The Hulk character of Universal), but based on the number of contracts that male actor Mark Ruffalo signed with the Disney mouse, the audience will reunite him. Green giant at least in another movie after the Avengers 4.

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