20 best romantic comedies of all time

Romance films are always the choice of those who are in love. No, even F.A people are always “using” these films to lonely in the heart. But sometimes, the love movies are tedious because of lack of humor. So how to choose a romantic and can bring laughter? Below is a list of the movies that make you happy about both.

When Harry Met Sally

A romantic comedy revolves around the story of two Harry and Sally characters from their first meeting on a trip from Chicago University to New York to a love affair between two people 12 years later at New York. The movie is reminiscent of witty dialogue, a mix of Crystal and Ryan’s acting and beautiful scenes of New York City.

Annie Hall

Annie Hall is a love story by comedian New York Alvy Singer and a chubby girl named Annie Hall. Alvy is a middle-aged man whose life is extremely extreme. In contrast to Alvy, Annie is not yet young but very innocent, carefree, and sometimes very childish. Annie’s actions seem a bit ridiculous, but charming enough. Two completely different characters but then one day Alvy also exclaimed: “I do not know one day I love a woman who likes to use words like la-de-skin”.

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is a fairy tale about Buttercup and the Westley Farmer. Buttercup, like many other new girls, the character of a happy guy Westley horse countryside. Generally, every time Westley was happily happy, but one day, she suddenly realized that she had fallen in love with him, and every time she was happy, he was happy. However, he is poor, no money, but can not be romantic in the way a canopy of two fruit to find gold, so determined to go out to find money to return to his wife. Before he tried to salvage her advised to wait for him, that true love is never dead. But the fate was grim, he was not going to be she was so angry he was murdered by the pirate Robert, and she was the evil prince Humperdink arrested as wife…


Set in Paris, the film tells the story of Amélie Poulain, a bright, kind-hearted girl, with small plans that bring enormous changes to those around her.

It Happened One Night

“What happened that night”, when the rich girl Ellie (Claudett Cobert) fled the house to protest the imposition of his father, by chance she met Peter (Clark Gable), the reporter straight – after deliberately go with her intention to have a monopoly story about this wealthy female heir. However, Ellie’s innocence shook Peter’s heart, and Peter’s caring concern also overtook Ellie.

Love Actually

Love actually consists of 8 romances that are integrated together to create a picture of beautiful love. The affair of a new Prime Minister of England (Hugh Grant) goes to the heart of a girl made tea mediocrity (Martine McCutcheon), or the love of a writer from southern France distant Love has broken but fall into another love….

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a film about a dreamlike affair of a travel bookstore owner – Williams Thacker – and a famous American celebrity – Anna Scott.

How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Andie Anderson is a glamorous reporter for Composure, a tabloid on women’s fashion. Andie has not had a lover, her close friends are her two girlfriends, Michelle and Jeannie. One day, the editor-in-chief picked up Andie, “How to give up your lover in 10 days?” And the deadline for submitting the article is 10 days, a difficult task for the girl…

Bridget Jones’s Diary

31 years old, beautiful and single, Jones works at a book publishing house in London. Her life is very boring. No one ever make her feel love. Depressed, Jones enjoys living room not only with alcohol and drugs. On the first day of the 32nd year, after returning home as usual every year. She was introduced by her mother and made him a lawyer Mark once had a happy break. But she did not like the cold and hard-hitting style of Mark’s critique of her: ‘She’s just fat and ugly’… She decided to do something to save her. She began to write diaries and dated all married friends. She writes about men, writes about love, about everything, and resolves to find a good heart. The trouble arises when her charm softens the heart of the boss Daniel has a bad record in the work. Conquered the girl and the lawyer had a poor face Mark she had met before.

No strings Attached

No Strings Attached is the story revolves around two characters Emma and Adam. They met at the age of 14 – none of them knew anything about the sex world of adults. As adults, they repeatedly stumbled across one another until one day, Adam woke up in Emma’s apartment with no clothes on. This misunderstanding led to a salty affair soon after in Emma’s private room. She is studying medicine and is always allergic to emotional relationships, so is Adam. Both decided to “burn” the period of flirting, flirting normally to reach the two words “sex”, but still keep the level of friends.

You’ve Got Mail

The story of two people living in New York who are online and very affectionate. But in real life, they did not expect each other’s opponents: he is the boss of the bookstore. She is a small bookstore owner and they confront in competition … And then, he discovered she is the person you are used to online…

Silver Linings Playbook

Pat Peoples lost everything: home, work and wife. He now lives with his parents after eight months in a mental hospital. Pat determined to rebuild his life, try to live optimistic and reconciled with his wife, despite the challenging circumstances that they have to separate. All what Pat’s parents want is to see their children get their balance in life and want to share their love with the Philadelphia Eagles. When Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with a lot of her own problems, things get complicated. Tiffany offered to help Pat reunite with his wife, but on condition that he had to help her do something very important. When a contract is contracted, a bond begins to form between the two, and the lucky rays emerge in the dark sky of their lives.

The Proposal

Facing the risk of being deported to Canada, Margaret, a powerful editor-in-chief, quickly rescued her by declaring that she would be engaged to her assistant, Andrew, who had been Abuse to terminals after many years of work. Andrew accepted the invitation to participate in this plot, but also set a lot of conditions for Margaret. Together they go to Alaska to launch Andrew’s family. Here, Margaret had to undergo many bad jokes, making her realize that things do not always take place in her control. Despite the consequences they may have suffered, Margaret and Andrew are determined to hold this unexpected wedding as planned. But they both do not know that, the more time they spend together, the more they develop special feelings.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire is a professional sports agent: he always finds every way, every trick to promote and earn his client and himself. One day he suddenly became suspicious of what he was doing.

When he said this, he was fired and lost all of his clients. Resolving from the beginning, he looked to Rod Tidwell, a football player to convince him to accept him as a representative. Everything is really hard. Jerry is almost unmarried for Rod. In return, he had a sincere love from Dorothy, a cashier of his old company.

Chasing Amy

Holden and Banky have been colleagues in the comic book industry and have been close friends for the last 20 years. Together they know Alyssa, a beautiful girl who is also a comic book artist. Holden quickly fell in love and fell in love with Alyssa. This affection is in some way a threat to Holden’s and Banky’s long friendship and causes a lot of trouble for all three.

About Last Night

About Last Night follows the pair of lovers and their romance on the journey from the bar to the bed and eventually falls into the midst of a fantasy of love and real life.

Sleepless in Seattle

The main character of Sleepless in Seattle is Sam, an engineer living in Chicago. After his wife’s death, he and his young son Jonah moved to Seattle to start a new life and to relieve the pain of loss. However, Sam can not forget the image of his gentle wife and nostalgia he grew larger. On Christmas Eve, Jonah calls the radio to talk about his family’s story and hopes to find a new wife. Thousands of women across the United States listened to the boy’s sobbing. Soon after, more than 2,000 phone calls and a series of letters were sent to Sam’s father’s house … Jonah, by his way, through the pile of letters on the floor found Annie’s letter and liked it. To call her Baltimore Golden Boy.

Date Night

Claire and Phil Foster are a couple living in the suburbs. Each passing day with two people is a “war”. Even the dinner dates of two people are becoming a boring trail. To warm up their marriage, the two decide to go to a trendy pub in Manhattan. A series of events led them to recall what drew them together. And that night of dating makes two people never forget.

Never Been Kissed

Middle school is really hell for Josie. She was a beautiful little girl, braces, fat and round, and easily embarrassed, tense, Josie is the heart of tequila teaser. Josie was always disdainful, especially the most handsome Billy. Josie’s face, pain, humiliation, despair, and despair at that time were only accepted although Josie was not a stupid girl … Growing up, Josie became a successful reporter, but back to school, Josie continues to return to the original feeling of suffering. Thanks to the help and encouragement of her brother, Josie was confident and gradually accepted. At the end of the film, Josie found her true love with her teacher.

The Break-Up

After a row of fussy rumors, Brooke decides to break up with his boyfriend Gary, but even though neither of them will leave the apartment they have hired together. Brooke and Gary have since started an underground fight to get the enemy out of the house, but then they realize what they do is to keep the other for themselves rather than the house.

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