10 things you probably do not know about Deadpool x Domino

Although Deadpool and Domino have been seen on the screens of Deadpool and Domino, many fans have fallen short. But there are truth behind the duo, which only the gut fans know!

1. Ryan Reynold and Zazie Beetz are close friends in real life

Two Deadpool characters are good friends of each other in real life. It was Ryan Reynolds who supported Zazie Beetz for the role of Domino, even posting photos of his girlfriend during the audition, which he cut himself into.

2. Domino has been with Deadpool for many years

“Ai who talks to me probably wants me dead too,” Domino was extremely cold with Deadpool in Merc for Money II # 6.

3. Deadpool has “dumped” Domino

And the cause of this “sunshine”, is to Marvel can … sell more stories!

Unlike a deadpool guy in love with the film, Deadpool in the comic is a killer, always trying to seduce every girl he meets on the bed. Domino knows this, using all his “advantages” to seduce Deadpool in Deadpool # 17.

4. Both have been “unilaterally” Wolverine

In X-Force: Sex And Violence, Domino and Wolverine are a couple – even buying a car lover for $ 37 million in stolen goods.

With Deadpool, in Despicable Deadpool # 289, the guy imagined Wolverine scrambling for himself on an island, and admitted, “I always liked it when my Mentally Called ‘ ” Deadpool also has a toy model Logan to spoil that … imagine.

5. Deadpool is quite upset Domino

In the same comic book as Deadpool is the “worst captain” Universe, always tend to push the team to sell salt. After many times scraped scabs that are still not where the Deadpool, the irritating guy … always teamed up to join the team led by Domino.

6. Both involved quite a lot of teams together

Throughout the series, the two have fought together in various mercenaries such as X-Men, X-Force, Team Weapon X, Six Pack.

7. Both are honest with each other

Only Deadpool knows that Domino is aggressive but afraid … chicken.
As for Deadpool, “I do not shake my neck anymore, never since that hurts,” he said in Deadpool: Bad Blood.

8. They’re both … afraid of chickens

Both suffer from Alektorophobia – the fear of chickens, and all the animals that can lay eggs. It sounds like a curse from Harry Potter …
In addition to fear of chickens, Deadpool is still afraid of crawling by the beautiful but empty soul of them. Deadpool seems to have no predilection for animals.

9. Deadpool was “swinging” with her best friend Domino

Outlaw – Domino’s closest friend caught the eye of Deadpool in a 2002 novel. The couple’s “love story” started off pretty well when Deadpool and the Punisher accidentally broke out of the apartment. of her. Then Deadpool sent a compensation bill to her. Outlaw “dump” instantly easily and they date each other.

10. Deadpool once saved Domino from brain …

During a period when Cable is rampant because of dying, and is heavily obsessed with the frontal cortex (a long navel through the eye socket). Domino and her teammates are almost a victim of Cable, without timely aid from Deadpool.

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