10 short animated cartoons help you regain joy in life

Without much dialogue, the lovely short films below convey meaningful messages about life to each of us. Together we enjoy 10 clips to get more motivation every day, you nhé!

1. Piper – Pixar.

In just over 3 minutes, the video shows us the best way to overcome the fear of confronting them rather than avoiding them. When it comes to overcoming fear, it is about overcoming oneself, becoming stronger and more mature, recognizing the good things in life that were previously obscured by fear.

2. Sweet Cocoon – ESMA

The film tells the difference between ideals and reality. Does goodness always bring good things to those who receive it? Do we always have to avoid difficulties to make life easier? The message the movie wants to send to viewers is that difficulty is an essential part of real life.

The film received an Oscar nomination for Best Short Film in 2015.

3. For the birds – Pixar.

A popular Pixar short film was released in 2000 and won Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2001.

The movie brings laughter to viewers through unexpected situations. Behind the humor that the film brings is the sense of respect for the difference. The big bird tries to fit in with a new group but is eliminated because it is not like the rest of the birds. The situation is reversed when the very preconceptions of the little birds cause them to be in trouble when trying to expel a new friend.

Through this short clip, we understand how to cherish each other’s differences, not judge, isolate or boycott the crowd and then realize that the majority is not always right late.

4. Partly Cloudy – Pixar

Who choose to light, hardship to whom? If you have to take that hard work, how should you react?

Short film Partly Cloudy answers to that question. The film tells the audience to love their work because it is the mission of each person and cherish those who help, side by side in their work.

5. Fox and a Mouse – ESMA

Friendship can also flourish among those who think the enemy is unlucky if put in a miserable situation. And that friendship will make life better instead of confronting each other. That is the message that ESMA wants to send to viewers through the movie “A Fox and a Mouse.”

6. Father and Daughter (2000)

“Father and Daughter” is an Oscar-winning short film in 2000.

It’s only 8 minutes and 30 seconds long with its uncanny looks and absolutely no dialogue, but this short film will touch the heart and take away the tears of the viewer.

The film is simply the repeated footage of the waitress’s daughter with her far away father. Because of the promise of his father’s return, the little girl grew up believing to meet her dear father. Throughout her life, she has not waited for her life to trust her.

Can father and daughter reunite as long as they wish? Let the “Danube waves” guide you to the thrilling story of this fatherly love.

7. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2012)

If you are a book lover, this is a movie for you!

In this short film, the books are not only the place for human stories, but they also have a vibrant, colorful life that we rarely notice.

The message that the short film wants to convey to the viewer is that the book is where the colors of life are. Read the book to see things you never knew, to live more than one life!

8. French Roast (2009)

What would you do if you fell in love? You just had a drink in a cafe and when you realized you had forgotten your wallet at home. “French Roast” is the story of a man in this horrible situation, a story that awakens us about how to deal with people.

How will he behave? Let’s take a look at what happens in “French Roast” and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the outcome!

9. Alarm

“Alarm” – a very short, simple and intimate title. The story that “Alarm” brings us also very often: wake up every morning. This is just a simple thing, has become a habit but actually a “fight ideological” fierce.

The film is so light and witty that not many of us see ourselves in the protagonist of the film. Let’s enjoy “Alarm” offline!

10. Paperman (2012)

Love seems to be a never-ending theme for us. Does love lightning exist?

The answer of “Yes” and true love will always know the way to find, come back together without knowing it.

It is also a message of optimism and beauty that “Paperman” want to send to viewers: Love is a miracle.

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