10 interesting facts about “Deadpool” that you need to know

The fans seem to know Deadpool is a superhero guy in the Marvel universe, but beyond that, you know the same crazy information in the article below?

If you’ve seen Deadpool, you probably know that Deadpool is good at killing katana, guns and whatever he holds. He is even immortal and can … scold the audience, this is what has made the name of the most mercenary mercenary Marvel.

But if you have not watched Deadpool’s career in the comic book for 25 years, you certainly have not known all the crazy things of him. So, the article below will help you make up statistics about 10 interesting and equally crazy about this super-monster.

1. The past of Deadpool

The origins of Deadpool are not as clearly defined as other famous superheroes, in part because of his mental instability that makes his stories sometimes unreliable. In one version, Wade’s father abandoned him and his mother as a child, which led to Wade’s mother becoming addicted to alcohol and thereby influencing his mind.

In another source, Deadpool’s father often beat him up when he was young and his mother died of cancer. It is still unknown how old Wade lived before the experiment, but he traveled the world and honed his killer skills as a mercenary. Later, Wade volunteered to work on the Weapon X program to cure cancer and obtain super-recovery from Wolverine. However, this treatment leads to another side effect that causes external skin deformities and mental illness.

In addition, during the Weapon X experiment, Wade himself also nicknamed himself Deadpool.

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2. Deadpool is Canadian and proud of it

Some people believe that Deadpool was born and raised in the United States. But the fact that, according to official website of Marvel, Wade Wilson was born in a certain place in Canada. When he became a mercenary, Deadpool moved to the United States after refusing a murder mission because he fell in love with the daughter of the victim.

3. Deadpool’s first wife, Vanessa Carlysle, is CopyCat

Prior to becoming Deadpool, Wade had dated a girl named Vanessa. In the early days of mercenaries, they both had a very loving relationship with each other. Wade even hoped that he and Vanessa would be together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, after discovering himself suffering from cancer, Wade broke up with Carlysle because he did not want to force her to live with a helpless man like him. Just like Wade, Vanessa later joined the Weapon X program and was given the chance to change shape. From there, she also nicknamed CopyCat. Vanessa will appear in Deadpool and be casted by actress Morena Baccarin.

4. Deadpool is a multi-sex (Pansexual / Omnisexual)

In 2013, Deadpool’s Gerry Dugan, confirmed on Twitter that the anti-hero was a multi-sex guy. That also means that Deadpool can fall in love with anyone or anything that can be “moved”. He loved some girls, flirted with Spider-Man, even drowning in Death.
Deadpool’s co-producer, Fabian Nicieza, once said, “I have been following Deadpool’s sexuality for years, even a bit tired. He is also yours and yours. ”

5. Deadpool enjoyed the game “breaking the fourth wall”

If you’ve seen some promotional clips about Deadpool, you’ll probably realize that this guy loves talking to the audience. Although this is a fantastic introduction to the movies, it is one of the possibilities for Deadpool.

In the comics, Deadpool always “breaks the fourth wall” (talking to readers, quarreling with the author …) and that is the detail that makes his stories always very funny. Deadpool also often reads Marvel’s own series and takes it as his reference to argue with other characters. In fact, Deadpool always recognizes himself as a fictional character. He is one of the few Marvel characters who know this.

6. Deadpool’s childhood idol is Captain America

Not every anti-hero loves a superhero, but with Deadpool is another story. Wade Wilson always loved Captain America as a childhood idol and for this reason, Deadpool and Cap also respected each other. More specifically, the two are similar in that they are all products from the government’s super-military experiments.

In recent stories, Steve Rogers even agreed to let Deadpool join the Avengers because Cap saw a “real hero” in him, even though Deadpool had killed dozens of people.

7. Deadpool’s biggest fear is … the cow

Although Deadpool has always been trembling at the hands of the gods or demons in the Marvel Universe, he is afraid of the cow. Cows can cause Deadpool to become exposed to chicken skin, simply because Wade is afraid of cow. In addition, Deadpool also has another unexpected weakness is … kittens because they are so cute, so that Wade can not use the weapon.

8. Deadpool is basically immortal

If his mournful mouth is not enough, Deadpool is the character that has the ability to recover the strongest Marvel. Thanks to the Weapon X experiments, Deadpool’s ability to heal the wound can allow him to “die of life” hundreds of times. In addition, because of a love affair with the death of death, Deadpool was also struck by Death (a Death Passion) by jealousy by cursing the immortal in order not to give Wade the chance to meet Death.

Deadpool has been shown to be able to resurrect indefinitely despite any attack, such as a nuclear bomb, cutting his body, burned to ashes … and then he continues to return. What happened? The biggest drawback of this ability is that Deadpool’s cancer cells also have the ability to replicate, making their skin cancer never be healed again.

9. Deadpool also has a daughter

He has a daughter named Eleanor. This is the result of Wade being seduced by a girl named Carmelita Camacho. Wade discovers she has a daughter, but that is after Carmelita is killed. Knowing Eleanor is kidnapped, Deadpool saves her and sends Eleanor to her friend Emily Preston (a SHIELD agent) to keep her secret. Later, Wade has moved in to stay close to her child.

10. Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds have a lot in common

Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and he also played Deadpool in the movie of the same name. However, one thing many people may not know, both Reynolds and Deadpool have many strangely similarities:

The physical and physical appearance of Wade Wilson is almost exactly the same as Ryan Reynolds. Both have the same age, same height, weight, hair color and eye color. Even in the comics, Deadpool himself has compared his appearance with the actor.

Both of them are Canadian, have a sense of humor and even their names have the same three initials: Wade Winston Wilson and Ryan Rodney Reynolds.

Deadpool was first introduced in the comic of the same year when Ryan Reynolds started his acting career.
When he first came to Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds shared that he loved the Deadpool books, felt attached and hoped to play the part of him one day.

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